Reviews for Rowen Diano, M.D.


Dr. Diano is very personable and has a good bedside manner. HOWEVER...On days scheduled to close at 5:00 p.m., they turn on the voicemail at 4:30 p.m.. If you are ill you can't speak to anyone . You have to leave a message with the oncall doctor. This is very unfortunate for heart patients like me. He is very inaccessible. This saddens me.

   — Nora Smith


my new Dr Rowen Dilano I have found to be a very good doctor It's always a pleasure to see him The office staff very nice and always treated well and resoect.. Dr Rowen always listens to what you have to say and is very compitent and I always enjoy my visits he's honest and trustworthy I'm very happy I choose him for my doctor He's very caring and always looks for a way to help you I'm most satisfied I chose him

   — Jerry Sabatella


Dr Diano is very thorough and efficient. He takes time in reviewing and analyzing your case. He just shows that he cares for his patients. I have no doubt in recommending him to my family

   — Voltaire


Great doctor ..always listened carefully to my situations with the upmost care as a result....highly recommended

   — Naz T Naz


Dr Diano has been my physician for years, although his office staff is not always effective and responsive, he himself is an excellent diagnostician, a supportive practitioner and knowledgable about options and treatment. He is unfailingly warm and friendly and gives information freely

   — Mark Weinstein


Dr. Diano is very knowledgeable, patient and professional, really taking his time to evaluate every patient. He's been our family doctor for years and even referred him to other relatives, thus we will remain satisfied.

   — Sannie Tukay


Dr. Diano is very processional and thorough. He takes the time to listen to my issues and provides medical care as needed. He is very accessible especially now that the TeleMed virtual visit has been implemented. He has a friendly staff who makes sure that the patient is able to get an appointment at the earliest day/time available.

   — Nita


Dr Diano is an incredible Doctor. He is both compassionate and an excellent diagnostician. He understands the elderly incredible well both medically and emotionally . I highly recommend him

   — Tom Carracino


Dr. Diano is really knowledgeable, extremely responsible, and very kind.

   — John Wang


New and Exciting

   — R Goodwin


Dr. Diano saved my mother's life. He is a really humane doctor who truly cares about his patients even after they are no longer his patients looking out for their best care. Dr. Diano is exemplary and hospitals should hire doctor's like Dr. Diano.

   — Angelo Impoco


My visits always go well with Dr. Diano. He is very informative. His staff is very efficient and kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Diano to anyone with health concerns!

   — Francesca W Thomas


I found him to be very patient and Knowledgeable..After our first meeting I found him to be friendly and understandable Still getting to know him but it seems our relationship doctor/patient will go well.

   — Gerard Michael Sabatella


Great bedside manner

   — Lourdes Garcia


He was very knowledgeable and curious and helped me when I needed it

   — Gerard Michael Sabatella


Dr Diano provides quality care , listens well and is very helpful and detailed .

   — Rick Ladd


It is always a pleasure to visit with Dr. Diano, he is very professional and cares about his patients, he takes time to listen and does his best to solve any problem, highly recommend.

   — Cheryl Gilliam


My first visit to Dr Diano proved to be a very pleasant one. Prior to my visit we chatted on Face time which was very interesting. I feel he's an excellent doctor very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable..He made me feel very comfortable..Look forward to being in his care.. Gerard Michael Sabatella

   — Gerard Michael Sabatella


As usual my experience with Dr. Diano was Excellent! I have been a patient for many years and find that he works well with his patients to provide the best care for the patient as well as what the patient feels comfortable with. He took care of both my Mother and Mother-in-Law. I have also referred several friends to him as well. I am happy that he has a lab in his office so I can have bloodwork done right there in the office. His staff is very friendly and helpfull to the patient. I'm Very Satisfied with Dr. Diano!!!

   — KJM


In the short time I have been Dr. Diono''s patient, I have found him to be excellent. He listenes carefully, and comments fully to any physical complaint, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in the room while discussing his conclusions and applicable treatments.

   — Mysticcc


I have been a patient for quite a few years. Dr. Diano is always attentive and listens. He is a good diagnostician as well as treating physician for various health issues. I feel I am in good hands. His staff is always helpful too.

   — Ron Kissinger


Dr. Rowen Diano with Almighty Gods permission restored my brother to good health. I will always respect him and his knowledge. Respectfully Mrs. Sharrieff, Sister of Mr. Herbert Poole

   — Mrs. M. Sharrieff


A helpful initial, get-acquainted visit

   — Lillian M.


Dr. Diano is a very knowledgeable MD with a pleasant manner. My first visit was a very good experience, his staff is great and I liked the fact that I was seeing the doctor as opposed to a physician's assistant or nurse. There is a lab in his facility and that's a big plus as I did not have to run all over the place to get lab work done. I recommend him for anyone who needs a good doctor that treats older folks like myself.

   — L. Mann


Caring. Thorough, honest, informative, visits daily in the hospital.

   — Sonia Goroza


Dr. Diano and his staff iswarm and professional.

   — Jose L.


Doctor and Staff were excellent.

   — Goldie B.


He is very kind and funny. He made sure I understood evertything before I left.

   — Lizbeth E.


He and his staff were friendly and courteous. And I appreciate the fact that he took time to hear me and understand everything that I was feeling. One of the best experiences I've had with a doctor in a long time.

   — Jon-eric W.


He is great!!!

   — Muzi L.


He is a great doctor!

   — Muzi L.


He knew what the problem was once i explained what i was experienceing.

   — Kendrick I.


The office visit was pleasant and professional.

   — JD


The Dr. took alot of time with me. He is very patient.

   — AD


The waiting room is comfortable and pleasant. My doctor and receptionist are very professional.

   — EP

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