Reviews for Thomas Del Casale, D.O.


Dr. Del Casale has a very gentle bedside manner, which can be very comforting when being treated at an urgent care facility. He explains what he is doing as he goes along, so one is prepared for what to expect. His concern and follow up with the patient and their recovery is really appreciated!

   — Izzy MacDonald


Going to the doctor is never fun, but Dr. Del Casale is such a caring and empathetic doctor that helps ease the stress. He carefully listens to your issues and is great at offering solutions. Really a great doctor!

   — Doris Vogelmann


I have been seeing Dr. DelCasale for over 10 years. I always make an appointment so i get to see him. He shows he cares for me as a patient by how he listens and responds to my questions.

   — Nancy Cooper


Dr Del Casale is an excellent physician. He was attentive and sensitive to my needs. He told me what to do and prescribed the best antibiotic. I improved in less than 24 hours and I feel so much better! Great!

   — Eileen Fasanella


The doctor was very thorough, explained everything and followed up the next morning with test results himself.

   — Danaan Fasano


He truly cares about his patients and he helped me when my own dr couldn't. I definitely would recommend him for any medical reason.

   — Sally Ann Armstrong


Very informative on the reason for visit on a personal level...Very good staff

   — Rose River


The office staff and the doctor took their time evaluating me even though I arrived 20 minutes before they closed. I first went to the Bloomfield location to find they are now closed. Then rushed to Clifton after entering it on my GPS. Everyone was very professional and polite and did not rush me out of there. I would normally never go that close to closing time. I would like to thank them all for treating me at the during the last minutes before closing. It was truly appreciated and now I am feeling much better ❤️ Sincerely, Lisa Hands

   — Lisa Hands


Have dealt with Dr. Del Casale on a few occasions. He has been nothing but kind and courteous each and every time!

   — Gary De Boer


I scheduled an appointment with Immedi Care/Hackensack Med for my earache. Dr. Del Casale was so attentive. He is very easy to talk and I felt very comfortable with him. He has a gentle touch. Hopefully he will be available for your next appointment.

   — Cynthia Barrett-Bismuth


I was called in fairly quick and received a thorough examination. Staff was polite and friendly. Unfortunately, I had some sort of reaction to a bandaid used after my shingles vax which left a mark of the bandaid on my arm.

   — Donna Roberson


This doctor is patient, kind and attentive. His listening manner shows he cares.

   — Janet Rivera


He is a caring & professional Doctor.

   — April Johnson


Physical was much faster and efficient than last year.....



Dr. DelCasale is an excellent doctor: caring, well- organized, and works well with me over the years. I am very satisfied having him as my primary’s physician

   — Robert Komar


The Dr.’s and staff are very welcoming, friendly and professional. A very calming atmosphere. Would definitely recommend it to relatives and friends.

   — W C


ALL the Dr's are great I relieved great medical care

   — Michael Wilson


Understands your way of doing things and the reality of what it means to serve.

   — Frank J Hauch Jr


The doctor was great! Had a wonderful experience and he totally resolved my issue. The ladies at the front desk were very kind and helpful.

   — Crystal Cox-Tober


He is very nice, helpful, and caring!!

   — Helen Joyce

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