Reviews for Stephen Sherry, M.D.


Dr. Sherry is excellent and I have been seeing him for the past 7 years. I just found out that he is retiring. Congrats, Dr. Sherry, on your retirement! Thank you for the care you have given me. I will miss you.

   — Addie Cinquino


Dr. Sherry shows his expertise in endocrinology. He is professional, thorough and an excellent communicator.

   — Karen Simone


Great Doctor who takes the time to explain the situation in laymen's terms and offers workable solutions.

   — Brian Reach


First time patient; I had a great experience. He was nice, welcoming, intelligent and punctual (very rare with a doctor's visit). He took his time answering questions and was thorough with his explanations. He also asked questions in order to better understand my concerns. I felt at ease and would highly recommend him.

   — GM


I was taken in ahead of schedule. Dr. Sherry spent a very long time with me and after discussing my endocrine issues I asked him about another issue I was having unrelated to endocrinolgy not really expecting much; but he had experience with it and gave me incredible advice. He commented on my lab results in less than a day, as well.

   — JC


He is very well versed in his Specialty. He does not rush you and will take his time in answering questions.

   — Thomas Pelaia


Dr Sherry is a professional, knowledgeable and caring doctor. He explains everything so non medical persons can understand and answers all our questions and concerns.

   — EA


Best endocrinologist I have been to my type 2 diabetes has been improving drastically and its all thanks to Dr Stephen Sherry and Andrea Cohen such an amazing team !

   — Stephanie Co


Dr Sherry is a caring, very informative and effective doctor. He’s had my diabetes under control for years and continues to assist me through all my other problems through the years to make sure my A1C stays on track. Could not ask for anything different. Thank you Doctor Sherry and staff.

   — Joe Holmes


Dr. Sherry is a top notch doctor. He is thorough and he listens and responds to concerns.

   — Lisa Cavanaugh


Great bedside manner. Dr. Sherry has always explained any issues that I have had in lay man's terms.

   — Paula Blanton


Great Doctor........thorough, friendly and personable and takes time to ensure you understand the situation

   — Joseph Catalano


Dr. Sherry is by far the best endocrinologist I have seen in my life and I have been seeing endocrinologists for over a decade. Dr. Sherry is super knowledgeable, incredibly responsive, has excellent bedside manner and truly cares about his patients. He carefully explains diagnosis and treatment and takes the time to answer all questions. He does not only provide facts and explains the research behind it, but gives you peace of mind knowing that you are in capable hands. His treatment has been incredibly effective for me. I have been a patient of Dr. Sherry for a little over a year and I never want to change doctors again. It may be a tad difficult finding appointments, but scheduling in advance is key.

   — Cynthia


I’ve been a patient of Dr.Sherry for a few years for both a thyroid problem and diabetes 2.He is very knowledgeable and always explains things to me. He has a very good bedside manner and an equally good sense of humor.

   — Patricia Cimmet


Been a patient of Dr. Stephen Sherry for over 9 years. He a very kind, knowledgeable, understanding and great doctor. He has a very professional staff working with him too.

   — Pamela Parker


I have been looking for an endocrinologist for a long time and glad I found one. Dr. Stephen Sherry is not only knowledgeable and competent, but he also very attentive. He communicates with his patients via patient portal in very timely manner and his office stuff is very professional and friendly.

   — Lilia Mastov


Dr. Sherry listens. That is important to a patient. He is always pleasant and knowledgeable. I have no problem getting refills on my prescriptions and no problems scheduling an appointment. It's all good.

   — Deena Waters


Dr Sherry is an exceptional practitioner and keeps current with treatment modalities.

   — Dave McCarthy


Dr. Sherry is wonderful. Speaks to you like a a very easy to understand and no nonsense manner.

   — Edward Barnett


Dr. Sherry is laid back, respectful, responsive and inspires confidence.

   — Lisa Brennan


Dr. Sherry is always informative and concerned about my health condition- diabetes.Ken Sundberg

   — Ken Sundberg


Dr. Sherry has been my endocrinologist for over 20 years. It is so nice to have a true Doctor / Patient relationship. Dr. Sherry has a wonderful bedside manner and takes time to listen to me and address all of my concerns. He is very professional, courteous, and a wonderful doctor.

   — M Casey


Dr. Sherry is always pleasant, efficient and thorough. He makes me feel comfortable and confident that he is my Endocronologist and that I am safe under his care.

   — Wendy Chavez


It's always a pleasure when I have a check up with Dr SHERRY. He is so patient and always makes you feel so comfortable. I would definitely give him 10 stars.

   — Erma Esposito


Most enjoyable, informative. Easy to share any concern.Look forward to my visits,

   — Sister G Mueller


Dedicated,knowledgeable,reassuring Professional whom my type II Diabetic with complications,nervous with all Doctors,Husband has relied on for many years. Thank You,Wonderful Dr. Sherry!

   — Joey G.


I was sent to Dr. Sherry by my urologist after a test for Low T showed a result he didn't expect. He spent the time with me to explain possible reasons for the elevated prolactin. He is as knowledgeable as advertised, with a fantastic bedside manner. I heard he can be very direct from my late father who was a patient for his type 2 diabetes, but Dad always stated it's because he really cares for you, and it's obvious he does after 4 visits. Dr. Sherry even took extra time with me this last visit to look at my type 2 diabetes closer since my primary Dr. Molinaro has been looking after it. Dr. Sherry has a coordinator i'm scheduled to see about possibly switching to Ozempic from daily Levemir injections. I am completely satisfied with Dr. Sherry and his entire staff.

   — Mike T


Excellent as usual, Although they need some exit signs that aren’t as high to the ceiling as now, and a little art in the exam rooms and the walls would warm the place a bit

   — Stephen


Once again nothing but praise for this man and his staff. Exceptional caregiver.

   — Stuart Pearman


I have seen Dr. Sherry twice after being referred to him. He has been excellent so far. He takes his time with you to listen and absorb what you're saying while adding input and possible scenarios. After two rounds of bloodwork, and his diagnosis, it's evident his reputation as a top physician is well deserved. He is personable with a good sense of humor to the point it's not like a regular Dr. visit. Wait times for bloodwork and office visits are minimal, as they are very punctual. You'll find the staff a pleasure to deal with as well.

   — MikeT


I have been seeing Dr. Sherry for several years. He is very pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough.

   — RSW


Dr Sherry was very professional and funny he was very helpful

   — Rosa Mitchell


Dr. Sherry is very professional and very knowledgeable. He is patient and always spends time to explain everything and answer any questions.

   — Rusty74


I have a lot of faith in Dr. Sherry’s competence.

   — Diane Frohling


An excellent physician!

   — George Costa


Great doctor, very poor customer service-especially impossible to call.

   — Barbara Pidgeon


Dr Sherry plays a vital part in keeping me healthy. He is always up on the latest and counsels wisely.

   — A. De Old


ive been a diabetic patient of Dr sherry for about 5 yrs He is very thorough, listens and diagnoses appropriate action needed, and explains why he is prescribing the medication. spends as much time as needed Excellent physician

   — H.H.


Dr Sherry is a wonderful doctor. He explains everything and answers all of your questions. He never rushes you and has a great bedside manner. His staff is friendly and helpful. The office is immaculate and he is always on time. I highly recommend Dr Sherry

   — Ashley DiMartino


Been to dr. Years ago. Just recently saw him again. Beautiful location, clean . He was informative, thorough, and most importantly on time. I would recommend him. I just found out Dr. SHERRY is retiring. Good for you!. You have been my Dr. For years. Always calm, complete, and great personality. Your care has always been pristine. Love ya, will miss you. Wish you the best. Tracy Morgan-Diaz.

   — Tracy Morgan-diaz

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