Reviews for Rajitha Reddy Gujja, M.D.


I received excellent service at this office and I would recommend anyone looking for good medical services to check into what is provided here fits your medical needs,you will be treated well with no regrets.

   — Jennifer Commodore


Dr. Rajitha Gujja should be considered by anyone who is looking for a doctor. Dr. Gujja's health plan for each patient is manifest from the first visit and her careful listening to the patient's concerns, symptom descriptions or desire for a healthier self. Drawing upon her professional experience and knowledge of current medical protocols she can outline a health regime with patient specific diet and vitamin recommendations, vaccinations, etc. Her office team is friendly and professional and appointments are managed very well with short wait times. I highly recommend Dr. Gujja for those living in the Montclair, Essex County and Passaic County areas.

   — Wise Elder


Dr Rajitha Gujja is an wonderful doctor who listens to you and helps you understand what going on if you have an problem with the meds just call she will get back to you and help John Hurtuk

   — John Hurtuk


Dr. Gujja and her entire office staff are wonderful. So helpful in every way. My appointment time was at 10am, the time I arrived. I waited no longer than 10 minutes to see Dr. Gujja. Once I did, I found out that she is a true professional. Asking me all kinds of questions to try and help with my concerns. Thank you Dr. Gujja and your entire team!

   — JIMMY B


Dr Gujja’s ability to listen to her patients and help them to take responsibility for their health care. I have always had a fear of doctors, still do, but Dr. Gujja has helped me to trust and confide in her. No easy task. She has gotten my health plan under control and I am forever grateful. Lucky to have such an excellent doctor, in your organization.

   — David H


The services that I receive from doctor Gujja is excellent. Dr. Gujja and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would have no qualms in recommending them to family and friends.

   — Lucia Luciano


Dr. Gujja is wonderful and caring.

   — Beth Ann Martin


My doctor is good. However, I don't like the Mountainside Health Group because they complicate things wheras i used to call my doctors office and get the help I need. They are more understanding at the office but this Medical Group is by the book or else. I'm not pleased with that aspect of my doctors visit. If I had it my way I wouldn't deal with Mountainside Medical Group.

   — Michael Graves


Dr Gujja and her staff are A -1 , top notch , compassionate and a an extremely professional group . She changed my life literally. I lost 75 lbs basically because of Dr Gujja’s persistence and caring . She is a pro . No nonsense when appropriate . Totally understanding when necessary. She is a bright as the sun . If you really care about someone . Let them know about Dr Gujja !!!!!

   — Kennard Rhodes


Dr Gujja is the best! And the Staff who works there too Everyone cute

   — Sue Díaz


Dr. Gujja always listen to you about what’s going on and helps what she thinks it my be

   — John Hurtuk


Dr. Gujja was very thorough and spent lots of time listening to me and explaining my health issues.

   — Anthony Scafaria


Dr. Gujja is a great and thorough doctor and her staff is just as awesome. Dr. Gujja is not a bubbly sociable type of physician, but she genuinely cares for her patients and gives you top notch care. I came down with covid in December and she quickly contacted me via televisit and prescribed meds immediately. She followed up two weeks after to check my progress while she herself was ill. So yeah...for those who can't handle a doctor who literally means "only business" then, go to the bubbly doctor that will have you waiting hours and refuses to televisit and prescribe the meds you need. And no, I'm not paid to give this review; nor am I a family member. I simply like to give credit where credit is due! :)

   — D. Soto


Routine follow up visit.

   — David Herron


A few years ago, a friend at church recommended Dr. Gujja. Since becoming one of her patients I have not been disappointed. I appreciate her calm, attentive manner and her helpful recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Her office staff are professional, friendly and kind. I have no qualms recommending her practice.

   — Slim Dreams


Dr Rajita Gujja is a very thorough and qualified doctor who truly cares about her patients I've been a nurse for 30 years and I also went through medical school to get my masters in public health and I'm very picky about doctors. I feel the doctor grew to see the entire person not just the disease and she listens and understands that people sometimes use complimentary and alternative medicine in conjunction with internal medicine. Give her a try I believe that she will take care of you with the high quality that should be given to all patients!

   — Francine P.


Dr Gujja asks pertinent questions about my health, actually listens to my answers and advises the proper treatment. She steers away from becoming medication dependent and more towards preventive healthcare. Since I began my relationship with Dr Gujja, my meds have decreased and I actually feel better. The staff at her office is top notch. Any issues with insurance companies is fixed even before it can become a problem. Polite, efficient.

   — John


The best Doctor l had in my life.. l have been with Doctor Gujja for long time l always recommend her to my family and friends

   — Jorge And Rosa


Dr. Gujja is a seasoned professional who is very organized and through. She listens to her patients and really cares.patients and

   — Francine Perretta


the best doctor i had in my life....

   — Adolfo Zuloaga


Dr. Gujja was very thorough in my exam, scheduling blood work and 3 month follow up

   — Diane


I went to see Dr for my 3 month routine checkup and blood work. We went over my meds and refills needed until my next visit in July.

   — Debra Getz


They are always professional, courtesy and timely

   — Kim Johnson


I haven’t been with the doctor for a long time , however she has been absolutely great with me . I get in on time !! I have never waited more then 5 min . When I couldn’t get to the office, we did a video consultation! I would recommend her in a heart beat ..

   — Marylou Tomasella


Great Doctor and Staff

   — Jon Baker


Dr. Gujja and her staff have always provided me with the highest caliber of healthcare. I can discuss anything with Dr. Gujja and she always gives me excellent medical advice and at times allays my fears. The staff is friendly, caring, and always helpful. The office is run in a highly efficient way and any requests that I make are handled in a speedy time-frame such as sending new prescriptions to my pharmacist or answering quick questions on the phone. Wait times for my appointments are also within a reasonable time-frame. During this Covid -19 period, the office has a strict protocol for safety and I feel comfortable being there. I highly recommend Dr. Gujja and her staff if you are in need of a PCP.

   — Judith Anderson


She’s very caring and professional! Thank you so much!

   — Danny Corleone


Second time visiting with Dr. Gujja and I'm very pleased with her thoroughness and patience. She answered all my questions and I left very satisfied with my visit.

   — Dan Rusignuolo


The Nutley, NJ office is taking all the necessary precautions to keep the patients safe. I was given a thorough examination. Dr. Gujja takes the time to explain what she’s doing & was happy with her bedside manner.

   — Rosemary Roberto


I always receive thorough, high quality care at this office and feel that I am in good hands. The record keeping is all online and clearly well- organized too. Thank you Dr. Gujja, Paola, and staff!!!

   — Judy Anderson


Very good Very satisfied Very impressed

   — Navin Darji


I really trust her . She makes me feel comfortable in telling my complaints and symptoms . Whenever l talk to her in the virtual visit , my fears , worries and negative thoughts about this Covid 19 becomes less. She is a competent and compassionate doctor. I love her.

   — Julie Gamino


Dr. Gujja delivers the best care in a compassionate way; practicing medicine with the whole patient in mind to deliver comprehensive care. She is also great with follow-ups and referrals as needed. I was recently impressed with my"teledoc"appt; how quickly she responded to me with an appt and the subsequent call backs and checking in on me. I know that she's very busy in light of the country's health crisis so I appreciate her being there for me.

   — M. Ali


Best service ever!

   — Ignacio Fernández


Good location great staff and short waiting time and dr gujja is great

   — Otoniel Gonzalez


Good location great staff and short waiting time and dr gujja is great

   — Otoniel Gonzalez


I come in. Speak to the doctor. She's very direct. I'd you're looking to make friends, remember she's your doctor and you hired her. Keep it professional cause she will absolutely will. Nothing bad to say. Clean environment. Im in and out quick. The staff is efficient, fast and professional.

   — J Johnson


Dr. Gujja has been my and my family's PCP for many years. She and the staff are excellent, and I definitely recommend her medical services.

   — Evan Anderson

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