Reviews for Oleg Shulik, M.D.


Great care

   — Alfred Farrugia


The response was immediate, and I was able to get a colostomy within a week. That's the first step. Not much time for communication, however. Dr. Shulik did seem to listen.

   — Georgiana Hart


DR.SHULIK is an amazing doctor. So kind, caring, an welcoming. I'm am very thankful and grateful that I have him and his team in my life as my doctor's! Thank you guys for everything!

   — Lakendra Cuttino


Dr Oleg Shulik addressed my concerns. Answered my question that raised my level of comfort before my procedure. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

   — Kenneth Mekoba


Dr. Shulik takes the time to explain everything and answer questions. His staff is also very helpful.

   — Frank Passage


I was referred to Dr. Shulik by the emergency room doctor at Mountainside. Dr. Shulik saw me immediately and was very proactive. He is knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and caring. I highly recommend him, not many doctors these days who treat you like an individual and he does.

   — Thomas Foster


Doctor, as well as the office, are the most genuine in caring for your great experience. This topic is not always the easiest to discuss however the office is there to help. Thank you all-

   — Kathy Dougherty


Very confident in Doctor.

   — Stephen Perlman


Excellent doctor! Listens to your concerns very attentively and establishes proper follow up treatment after a thorough exam. Thank you, Dr. Shulik.

   — Elena Kalacheva


Very friendly and professional staff. Msfe you feel very comfortable. They answered any and all questions you may have had. You weren't rushed,and made sure you understood everything.

   — Sharone Wormley


Very Satisfied with Dr. Oleg Shulik and his staff, very comfortable with me experience

   — William Waddleton


I appreciate the detailed information regarding my visit. Along with the friendly environment.

   — Ruth Music P


Everything went smoothly.

   — Nancy Von See


Dr. Shulik was wonderful. He fully explained my situation in layman's terms. I was so pleased with my PCP Doctor's recommendation.

   — Loretta Mongi


Thorough and knowledgeable doctor. He explains things well. Good bedside manner. I highly recommend.

   — Kathleen Gannon


I had a great experience. The procedure went well no complications after.

   — Nicole Colley


very pleasant physician, he takes the time to listen and explain whatever the patient needs to know , his staff is very professional and courteous as well .

   — Teresa Ford


He goes above and beyond for his patients



Excellent conversation and advice. Physician who cares.

   — Rubin Bedell


Dr Shulik assisted me while I was at Mountainside Hospital for an emergency gallbladder removal surgery. (Excuse my medical ignorance as I explain..) I had a gallstone stuck in my bile duct and Dr Shulik was brought in to assist in that specific component of my surgery. (ERCP?) I was 11.5 weeks pregnant at the time and there was concern in using an X-ray for this procedure. Dr Shulik did extensive research and was able to successfully remove my stone using ultrasound which had little to no risk to the baby. He also arranged his schedule with the other surgeon to conduct his procedure at the same time as my laparoscopic cholecystectomy so I only had to go under anesthesia once... also better for baby. Unfortunately, I was at the hospital for 3 days before I knew my full diagnosis and was given insight as to why my surgery kept being delayed. I was quite frustrated and Dr Shulik visited to not only educate me - he literally drew out a diagram of my issue and explained the precautions they were taking to protect me and my baby. He is thoughtful and patient. I have OCD hypochondriasis and have never felt more comfortable and medically confident then when under the care/supervision of Dr Shulik. Again, I’m not very medically savvy, but Dr Shulik is brilliant. Highly recommend.

   — Alysha Watson


Dr Shulik and his staff are very friendly and helpful and make your visit as pleasurable as it possibly can be.

   — Janice Gajda


Dr. Shulik was very nice and professional. Easy to talk to. Explained everything simply. Would highly recommend.

   — Lisa Giachetti


Just a great experience seeing Dr. Shulik! Attentiveness, knowledge, a positive attitude – he has it all.

   — Vlad Guzner


I was attended to promptly at the desk . Shortly thereafter I was escorted to Dr. Shulik. I liked the fact that he explained everything clearly to me and asked me a lot of questions to help him provide me with a plan to stay healthy and hopefully do it all without medications. I recommend him highly!

   — Celeste Swierk


I highly recommend Dr S ! He explains everything, I found his Staff very professional, and he’s right on time , hardly any waiting. His office is clean , and he’s very caring, and very passionate about his field of medicine....

   — Lisa Biondi


The staff was patience as this was my first time the nurse was informative Dr Shuilk explain all procedures made me more comfortable thanks

   — ROSA Mitchell


Dr Shulik is very proffesinal and listened to eveything I had to say he made me feel heard and thats all I can ask for out of a doctor. He walked me through my endoscapy and made the whole procces very easy and comfratable. Highly reccomend!!!

   — Malleb Adrien


dr. shulik took care of my dad when he had gallstones and I could not recommend a better person for the job. very thorough, down to earth and realistic in his expectation and care. bedside manner was amazing. he even did a personal wellness checkup on my dad on christmas day when it was a week post-op, can't tell you any other doctor that would do that.

   — Victor Casabuena

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