Reviews for Mojdeh Haghverdi, M.D.


I’ve been going to Dr. Haghverdi for many, many years. She is thorough, consistent and a pleasure to see. I trust her implicitly with my health!

   — Jo-Ann Carricarte


Dr Haghverdi is an amazing doctor. She has a great bedside manner and is very thorough. I honestly feels like she cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to make sure all issues are addressed.

   — Allyse Nieves


Dr. Haghverdi is the best and her staff is incredibly friendly. Highly recommended.

   — Ryan Eland


Dr. Haghverdi is a wonderful physician who is extremely thorough and caring. I have been a patient of hers for many years and would recommend her highly.

   — Frank R


The office is friendly and helpful. Dr. Haghverdi takes time to ask questions and really listen to your response. And the follow up is on point. I highly recommend this medical practice.

   — Andrea Wicks Bowles


Dr. Haghverdi is a doctor that stays on top of your health. If there is an issue she continues to follow up on it. I definitely would recommend her to patients looking for a caring doctor.

   — Liz Flood


I trust Dr. Haghverdi with my life! It took years to find a doctor as fabulous as she is and she treats me as a person, caring for my mind, body, and overall well being.

   — KATS


very thorough and very professional, I was made to feel at ease

   — Frank Orefice


She's the best doctor I ❤ seeing her the staff is so nice ...

   — Robert Ihnat


Very thoughtful, kind, professional, caring doctor

   — Mariangela Dilizia


Excellent doctor, very caring and invested into your mental and physical health. Truly cares about her patients. Glad I found her. If your looking for a thorough doctor who spends time and follows up with you, she is the Doctor to see. They don't have doctors like her anymore.

   — Gabrielle T


On time. Note than courteous staff but most of all a compassionate, interested in you and what why your in her office today doctor

   — Gloryde


I moved to North Jersey around when the virus hit and was unable to find a doctor until my health insurance recommended her. I was able to get an appointment quickly and found her office staff to be very kind in helping me to adjust to their office. I was very happy with the doctor who I believed was truly concerned for my well being and would recommend her to my family and friends.

   — Marie Carlo


Dr. Haghverdi has been my physician for many years. She has always provided excellent care; and she listens to me, and allows me to explain myself. She is up to date with ever changing medical knowledge. Whenever needed, she sends me to a specialist who may know more. She is NOT a pill for everything doctor, but rather prescribes medication when it is needed. Dr. Haghverdi is a healing professional who believes in preventative measures including the natural benefits derived from foods, vitamins, exercise, good sleep, meditation and or prayer. Dr. Haghverdi accepts me as I am, and encourages me with my successes and faults in the pursuit of wellness. Dr. Haghverdi is wonderful doctor and a good person whom I have recommended and will continue to recommend to others. I am blessed to have a Smart, Alert, Good Doctor.

   — Philip Dicristina


I'm so happy to have found her!!!!!!!!!! Great Doctor, Beautiful human being!!!

   — Mariangela Dilizia


The people owerthere explains everything and they are wery helpful

   — Luftar Zeneli


Dr. Haghverdi is a doctor that stays on top of your health. If there is an issue she continues to follow up on it. I definitely would recommend her to patients looking for a caring doctor.

   — Liz Flood


A very caring doctor who is alert and on top of everything and any condition that you mention to her. Her suspicions/intuition/experience led to my being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which otherwise would likely not have been discovered for years! She spends whatever amount of time in the exam room that she feels is necessary, in contrast to most doctors who always seem like they are in a hurry. Hang onto her Mountainside Medical Group...because if she's gone, we're gone!

   — Doug Hecker


I have always found Dr Haghverdi to be through in her examination and information.

   — Gregory Diamond


Dr Haghverdi is a great doctor. She is a good listener and is very thorough. I would highly recommend her as a primary care physician. Her staff is very friendly and efficient also.

   — Lenore Cassetta


Doctor Haghverdi made time for a FaceTime calling immediately after I contacted her staff with a health concern. She was attentive, listened to all of my concerns and came up with a very thorough plan of action. I would highly recommend her.

   — Denise Malone


Dr Haghverdi is always patient and attentive to my needs. I never feel rushed & always leave with any questions answered. I highly recommend her for your medical needs.

   — Pam Winter


Dr. takes time to listen to your concerns, and makes time in her busy schedule when you really need her. she will make every effort to get to the root of your health issue , and will advised you on best way to proceed with treatment.

   — Iris Rosario


Dr. Haghverdi is the most caring doctor I ever have . She listens and pays close attention, that I feel so comfortable when I talk to her. She is the most caring doctor I ever have. Thank you so much Doctor Haghverdi.

   — Orbelina Acosta


Short wait time and personalized attention.

   — Caterina Viscomi


I’ve been a patient of Dr Haghverdi for thirty years that alone speaks volumes she is caring dedicated professional and she listens her staff from the PA to the front office to the bloodwork technician all display the same dedication and professionalism and are always there to help the patient and put them first I wish there were a higher rating because this doctor and her staff rate 6 stars I would recommend them all without any hesitation!!!

   — Larry Cattaneo


Dr. Haghverdi listens intently to your problem. She is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and has always hit the mark for prescribing the right course of action for my complaint. Dr. Haghverdi’s office staff are welcoming, professional and skilled individuals happy to be taking care of you.

   — Gloryde


Dr. Haghverdi is the best!

   — Marilyn Ludwig


Dr. Haghverdi is an excellent diagnostician. She listens, questions, ponders and mores forward with an action plan. Dr. Haghverdi has been my primary care doctor for a long time. I view her as my medical conductor just like a conductor of an orchestra. I trust her judgement and am happy to recommend her to friends and acquaintances. She has earned her five stars!

   — Catherine M Wehrer


Dr.hagverdi is a wonderful person she truly care about her patients condition and how they feel The best Dr. Ever

   — Lucky J


I like Dr. Haghverdi. She listens, makes suggestions, is thorough, and gives me the feeling that she genuinely cares. Her office is clean, there is no waiting. Her staff is friendly.

   — Beverly Wardell


She is amazing. I would highly recommend her, I always say as long as I have Dr. Haghverdi on my side I never have to worry about my health as she does that for me.

   — Karen


I have been seeing Dr. Haghverdi for the past 4 years and she helps me manage my autoimmune disease. She is very compassionate, very knowledgeable and takes her time at every visit. I never feel rushed, I always feel like I am important and she really listens to my concerns, even if they seem small and irrelevant to me. She never makes me feel that way. She is a wonderful doctor. I wish that every doctor could be like her. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I love her!

   — Lwhite


Dr Haghverde is the best.

   — Bob Krull


Dr. Haghverdi is a compasssionate caregiver who is thorough in her assessments and in educating her patients to care for themselves. I feel well protected under her care.

   — Janice Jolin


Really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen.

   — Karen In Lodi


Dr. Haghverdi is the most caring and well educated Doctor.

   — Marilyn Meder


I have recommended Dr. Haghverdi to many people. She an amazing, caring DR. who listens very carefully to your issues. She is extremely knowledgeable & he staff is also very awesome.

   — Doris Lopez In East Hanover,NJ

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