Reviews for Michael Basista, M.D.


Dr. Batista has been and remains my doctor for years. A pleasure to visit regardless the reason. A friend, curtious professional, caring person.

   — Dayton Beasley, Jr.


Dr. Batista and the staff that work at this location are so knowledgeable and professional. Some of the best care I’ve received at an urgent care facility before.

   — Jeanine Hicks


Great Dr , very professional

   — Solomon Cezimbra


Dr. Basista has been my primary care doctor for many years. He is a kind, courteous and outstanding doctor!

   — High Note Sailing


Very nice place, the staff was very friendly, the only problem was the wait time, waited about an hour before I got into see the doctor, and there was only one person in front of me, total time spent there just about two hours. Dr. was absolutely great very friendly and kind and courteous, I recommend this place.

   — Denise Sallette


My mom was pleased and very appreciative of everyone’s kindness.

   — Jackie Newton


Dr Basista takes time to listen to concerns and get to know his patients in order to make the best decisions

   — Michelle Sauer


Dr. Basista at the Bloomfield Immedicenter is very knowledgeable and caring and I would recommend him to anyone needing a Primary Physician.

   — Kathy Schiro


Dr Basista is a great Dr.

   — Joe Sandora


Very friendly and listened to my issues/concerns. Highly recommend!

   — Ross Pennise


I went to Dr. Basista twice so far: the first time was for my son just over a year ago for updated vaccinations in order to go to college. I just went in September 2021 for my own annual physical. Dr. Basista listens well (a rarity for doctors) and provided me with answers and opinions in a concise and intelligent way. He's very experienced -- I highly recommend him!

   — Peter G


The Doctor was informative with the information that I needed during my visit.

   — Gilbert Bragg


I was out of medicine. Great doctor I found. Front desk customer service so good. Took only 45 mints to IN and OUT

   — Ramesh Chelat


Somewhat of a long wait to see the doctor. Dr. was competent, but superficial in conducting his exam.

   — William Kreutner


Needed to get an appointment quickly for surgery pre-certification. Not only was it scheduled for a holiday, they took my insurance but it was one of the most pleasant doctors visits I’ve had. Staff was top knot her, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and proficient. The doctor was courteous, helpful, funny and his experience was evident. Might switch to this practice permanently.

   — Lisa Little


A patient for many years. Dr. Basista never rushes, listens and asks questions. He explains things well and communicates outside the office setting whenever you need advice.

   — Thomas Fowles


I am very impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Basista's care. He seems extraordinarily knowledgeable. His questions were keyed to making the diagnosis, and they made me feel confident in his care. In addition he has a congenial, pleasant way of talking with a patient.

   — Frank Pearson


A good experience every time at the Clifton immedicenter. Nice clean place, front desk girls very polite. The Xray tech was understanding of my circumstances and Dr Basista is knowledgeable and friendly to my eight year old child.

   — Darryl Pickett


Excellent healthcare professional. Attentive to your needs, with a great personality. I rate Dr. Basista a 10.

   — Dennis Sabato

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