Reviews for Maureen Kelleher, M.D.


My parents been seen Dr.Maureen the last two year,they both have appointment with her tomorrow for the yearly check up! She is professional and caring we appreciate Dr.Maureen good bless you and your family Thank you!

   — Erlin Zenelak


I saw Dr. Kelleher last week as a new patient. She performed the most thorough routine physical I've ever had. She is a great doctor with a sense of humor!

   — Joanne Tm


Dr. Kelleher is Knowledgable, thorough in her examinations, and clarifies all questions or concerns. I requested her as my primary care physician years ago after I randomly got her as my Dr. For an office visit. She is the best!!!

   — Cathy Parisi


excellent doctor

   — Alan Rothschild


Dr Kelleher has years of experience and is very through. Other doctors told me my dizziness was an ear problem. Dr Kelleher suspected a brain tumor and she was right. She saved my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

   — Anne


I just went to her for an annual physical and she is the BEST……very professional gets right to the point and is such a kind intelligent doctor. The office staff is great and very professional. I had my blood work done and the next day she called me with the results. I recommend Dr. Kelleher to everyone she is great !!!!!

   — Beth LaRocco


Excellent care

   — Maria Costa


Dr. Kelleher is focused and thorough. She asks questions and makes recommendations. When I see her I feel like I had a good examination and she made every effort to not overlook anything.

   — Joanne Stolarz


Once Doctor Kelleher arrived her competent persona radiated. She began to ask specific questions about my health. I did not feel the clock ticking and she was extremely methodical in her approach by today’s standards a rare find. Her bedside manner was genuine and impressed me for she listened and responded in layman's terms making it very easy to comprehend and I had no fear in asking questions. I then had a very in-depth physical while being informed of future testing that will determine my current state of health. It has been two days since my initial exam and I was already called with results about my bloodwork by Doctor Kelleher personally. I am just so impressed with the exceptional patient service I received I had to share how fortunate I am to have this amazing woman as my new physician.

   — Monique Amabile


I went to Dr Kelleher with symptoms of dizziness, head pressure and weakness. She listened to all of my complaints and did a thorough exam. She ordered a CT scan to rule out any serious issues. Dr. Kelleher called me as soon as she had the results of my scan. This is very rare. She asked how I was feeling and advised me to also follow up with my cardiologist. I was very impressed with her manner in trying to get to the reason for my health issues. I have been going to Dr. Kelleher for many years and have been very satisfied. She was instrumental in discovering my aortic stenosis and necessity of seeing a cardiologist immediately. Without her knowledge of my problem, there might have been a different outcome I am very grateful for that diagnosis. I highly recommend her.

   — Phyllis O.


Dr Kelleher is arrested Dr I would recommend her to anyone

   — Michael Wilson


Thank You Dr. Kelleher for listening to all my concerns. I visited the office on Thursday overwhelmed and in pain. Dr. Kelleher was very nice however stern with her diagonoses and what to do to help my condition. I then followed up with a physical with Dr. Kelleher on Saturday 6/25 during which time she asked "Did you start your meds that i gave to you" I stated NO, She said "Why Not? I stated i was afraid of such medications. Thank You Dr. Kelleher. A lot of times we don't give Thanks enough to the people that take care of us. Thank You to everyone at the center. Oh, And today Dr. Kellher gave me a call to let me know that all my blood work came back and everything is ALL Good!!! Happy B'day to me. 6/27/2022 Thank You Dr. Kelleher. Enjoy your Day..

   — Arvilla Combs


Dr, Kelleher and her staff were very professional and friendly. She was patient with me; and she explained everything being done. Everyone was thorough in their duties; and all of my tests and the results were done in one day.

   — Joseph Della Ferra


Dr Kellerher is focused on the patient, answers all your questions and is very thorough. I have gone to her many times over the years and she has always helped me get better

   — Susan Goldstein


pleascent person very knowledgeable

   — James Coppola


I truly feel very fortunate to have Dr Kelleher as my primary. My former primary gave me the feeling that I was taking up his time and he had better things to do than listen to me.

   — Mary Ross


Very good.

   — Andrea Gleason


Dr Kelleher is very knowledgeable and professional. I have the utmost respect and confidence in her and will continue to rely on her expertise.

   — Walter Kyzima Jr


Dr. Kelleher was great. Very thorough and knowledgeable. I would rate the desk staff a one star. Antiquated furniture. Examining rooms have seen better days.

   — Lisa Geider


Excellent. She is the reason why I went back to the Center.

   — Sharon F.


Love Dr. Kelleher but her nurse/receptionist needs to be Fire nasty and Rude.. (Janice) never want her to help me again. Very arguably with me??????

   — Pamela Greene

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