Laura Yapor, M.D.

Laura Yapor, M.D.

“It is my responsibility to do my best, to give my patients the best treatment they can receive.”

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Glen Ridge
311 Bay Avenue
Suite 300
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Laura Yapor, M.D., has a deep-rooted connection with healthcare. Her father was a physician, who would take her to hospitals and clinics as a young child. She witnessed firsthand the joy he experienced when caring for his patients. This singlehandedly encouraged Dr. Yapor to pursue a career in healthcare.

Her passion for Pulmonary Medicine began after she completed her first respiratory physiology class in medical school. Throughout her residency, she was able to not only treat patients with chronic pulmonary diseases such as COPD or asthma, but she was also able to learn from them. These experiences gave Dr. Yapor a great sense of fulfillment.

During her fellowship with the Bronxcare Healthcare System, in New York City she provided quality care to those in her community with multiple comorbidities, as well socio-economic limitations. This hands-on experience allowed her to provide lung cancer screenings, pulmonary disease management, and education to many underserved patients in the community.

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