Reviews for Daniella Montemurro, M.D.


The sweetest doctor. Highly recommend her. She's gentle, quick, and very skilled. Like father, like daughter!

   — Denisse Melissa


Dr Daniella Montemurro is one of the best physicians I have ever had the opportunity to go to. She takes the time to explain everything from procedures, medications and diagnoses in details that are easy to understand. You can tell she truly wants to do what is best for her patients.

   — Felicia Branagan


Dr. Montemurro is a wonderful provider. I never feel rushed when I go to see her, and I feel like I have her undivided attention, which is such a good feeling as a patient. She listens to my concerns and genuinely wants the best for her patients. Her and her staff make me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her for anyone with gyn concerns or annual paps!

   — Sibyl Medabalimi


I went there for my first visit and from the front staff to check in and meeting Dr, D. Montemurro, it was pleasant and a was greeted by a friendly and welcoming staff. I felt comfortable and Inwas in and out’ it was 5 Star all around. Thank you to the Dr and her amazing service which totally reflects on the staff that’s part of the practice’s team.

   — D. Soto


Dr. Daniella and her P A's were wonderful. It was the most comfortable exam I've ever experienced, it usually is a little painful but this time was fine. The doctor was very patient and kind and understanding and the P A's in her office are outstanding. They were very attentive, took my history, and helped me. They also put me at ease. Two really lovely young women. All the best to them.

   — Rosemary Garwood


Dr. Daniella Montemurro is an excellent doctor. She’s compassionate, caring, and listens to all your concerns and needs. It’s actually funny to read the bad reviews because you can tell what kind of people those are…(karens). She’s a beautiful woman who has STYLE (to the woman who was so bothered and says she looked like she was going to a party)… and so what if she was!? Doctors are HUMANS too. Patients tend to forget that. If it wasn’t for Dr. Montemurro I would’ve never gotten genetic counseling (or I would’ve done it when it was too late) and I would’ve never known I was a carrier for the BRCA 1 mutation. She has guided me every step of the way, educated me, always answers my questions, and is always there for my concerns. I’m SO grateful for her.

   — Karina Hernandez


Excellent doctor.. very informative, professional and compassionate. I highly recommend her.

   — Nella C


Dr. Montenmurro is knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, understanding, and listens to your questions & needs. At times it's a tad difficult getting in touch with the office (minor inconvenience), but zero other issues. Glad I finally found a new ob/gyn I am comfortable and happy with. 😊

   — Maria P


If it was an option, I would give Dr. Daniella Montemurro 10 STARS!!! She is incredibly intelligent, efficient, experienced, knowledgeable, personable, and kind. She was able to put me at ease within minutes and that is no easy feat! She was quick and efficient, yet made me feel truly heard. It was clear that my needs and comfortability were her only priority during that time. In her care, you are not just the next patient on a list. Rather, you are a unique person that is worthy of her time and respect. She is a truly remarkable doctor and I feel very lucky to be under her care.

   — Lauren Dutch


Dr. Daniella is the BEST there is. She actually listens to you, goes above and beyond when there is an issue with your health, and she is very good at explaining everything. Down to earth and so smart and kind! I would not recommend anyone else!

   — Katie Riley


I hadn't been to a gynecologist for 5 or 6 years. My last gyn had retired. I am an older patient and was having a problem. I was nervous but Dr. Montemurro was kind, gentle and responsive to my needs. She diagnosed my problem and referred me to a specialist. I am glad to have found Dr. M. The office staff was also helpful, efficient and kind.

   — Maryann Chach


Dr. Montemurro is amazing. She went out of her way throughout the entire process to help us, answer our questions, and make sure we understood what was going on. We saw both her and her dad. Both of them were empathetic and caring, but most importantly they were knowledgeable and competent. After watching her in action, I could tell that nothing could phase her and she expertly handled any complication as it came up.

   — Michael Pompliano


dr. montemurro is lovely! she is a warm, caring, competent professional who patiently answers all questions satisfactorily. the office staff is friendly and welcoming.

   — Linda Rockwitz


I was at my lowest point with finding a great gynecologist. I finally gave up until I found this office. I can not express how great Daniella Montemurro has made me feel. No one has ever told me about screenings and follow-up’s that women should have, I felt like I was lost in the dark. There wasn’t a question that she did not answer nor provide and I like that she and her assistants are very up to date with keeping your information organized for your next visit. Thank you for giving me hope with every aspect of being a female. I look forward to hopefully many more years of coming here.

   — Shea Thorpe


She is so kind and informative. She sat with me like she had nowhere else to be and I find that so important between a doctor and patient relationship. The woman at the front desk actually treated me like I was a welcomed patient. I feel like they represent an office vibe that used to exist a long time ago. Great place and I feel grateful to have found them.

   — Jocelynn Cummings


This was my first time with this office and doctor. I was recommended by multiple friends. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. I needed to reschedule my appointment a couple times and they were always able to accommodate me within a reasonable timeframe (unlike my old doctors office). I really liked Dr. Daniella, great bedside manner.

   — Jennifer Hinsinger


Everyone in this office is extremely helpful and polite & Dr. Daniella always makes me feel comfortable during my appointments. They’re the best!

   — Vanessa Pennetta


I love Dr. Montemurro’s office, everyone is always so welcoming and helpful. Dr. Daniella is very thorough and straight to the point which I like.

   — Megan Heese


I see both Dr. Daniella and Dr. Robert and love them both. They delivered both of my babies - and didn't even suggest a c-section for either of my giant babies when many other providers probably would have. They are communicative, listen to concerns, and give you time and attention, but can also get you in and out of an appointment when needed. The office staff is friendly and efficient - making appointments, getting paperwork done, etc. is all a seamless process.

   — Caitlin Zanoni


As a medical professional myself, I am picky about the care I receive. I prefer a practice that not only HEARS what you're telling them, but actually LISTENS to their patient. Dr. Daniella has been incredible since day 1. She eased my fears about my situation and always made me feel as comfortable as possible. She LISTENED to me. She is quite possibly the most wonderful doctor I've ever had. Her father is just as amazing. The office staff is extremely accommodating as well. I cannot say enough great things.

   — Tyler Mathis


Drs. Daniella and Robert Montemurro and their whole staff make their patients feel as though they are part of the family. I have had nothing but the most positive experiences as their patient (most often seeing Dr. Daniella) over the past five years. I recommend them without reservation and feel very fortunate to receive care from these world-class doctors.

   — Maura Grace Harrington Logue


I’m so glad I found Dr. Daniella Montemurro! She is empathetic, compassionate and professional towards her patients. You can tell this is not just a “job” for her, she truly cares for her patients. Right before a surgical procedure I had to get done, Dr. Montemurro said to me, “I will take care of you as though you were my sister.” She really stands by what she says and treats all her patients as though they are a family. She’s also a great listener and dosen’t rush or dismiss any of your questions. She is very thorough with explaining what she is doing or will do and why which I appreciate so much! The office staff is great too and communication is easy and professional. They also have an online portal which you can access all your information and results via an ap which was important to me. They can do ultrasounds and bloodwork on site which makes your visit a one stop visit if you’re pregnant. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her father Dr. Robert Montemurro yet, but Dr. Daniella Montemurro is a great doctor and I’m sure she learned from the best, her father. This is my forever obgyn and certainly recommend them.

   — Vanessa Creighton


Amazing service!! Dr Daniella and Robert Montemurro was with with every step of the way and could not of done it with out them. To every one at the office and at the hospital day nurses and night nurses made the experience of having my first Child more relaxing. Thank you!!!! From Krisstal,Darren and Baby Olivia xxx

   — Krisstal Paul


Dr. Montemurro is hands down one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. She is so attentive and has no problem answering any questions you may have and she also explains everything that she is doing thoroughly. She cares about her patients and wants to give them the best care possible. Her and her dad (Robert Montemurro) took care of me during my pregnancy and even with all of the COVID nonsense, they made me feel comfortable. I had a scheduled induction and Daniella came to induce me and watched my vitals, etc from her home (even with her not being in front of me, she was still caring for me... AMAZING). I ended up having to get a csection which Robert came to do. My incision was nicely done and is healing wonderfully. They are really great at what they do. I highly recommend this practice.

   — Jaquasa Thurmond


Love the Montemurro’s!!! Very easy to talk too and scheduling appointments is very easy!! I have been going to them for years and would not change them for anything...I started with Robert and now with Daniella and they both work great! Helped deliver my son and made things so comfortable and easy!

   — Yahaira Rodriguez


Dr. Montemurro did an amazing job throughout my pregnancy even with the crazy situation of COVID-19, and went above and beyond delivering my daughter via planned c-section due to being breech. The incision is very well placed below the bikini line and recovery has been as comfortable as can be expected, and my daughter has done very well, too! She is very personable and easy to talk to, and answered every question I could think of, even helping me Amazon shop for supplies! I would recommend her to anyone needing an OB.

   — Erin Shah


Dr Daniella is a great physician. She is very knowledgeable and extremely compassionate towards her patients. She goes above and beyond. She always listens to your concerns and spends the time answering your questions. I am so happy to have her guiding me during my pregnancy journey. I know I am in good hands when she delivers my first child.

   — Lindsey E Boss


I love this OB/GYN Daniela Montemurro explains things well, listens and the staff are all nice and caring. I’m very happy that I chose this practice to help me deliver my baby.

   — Claudia Vidal


My doctor was on vacation when I went into labor and Dr.Montemurro was covering for her. I got so lucky to have her deliver my first baby. She was kind, smart and didn't let me second guess myself which was wonderful when in labor. Everything went smoothly and I'm so grateful for her being there. If having more kids in the future, I would go straight to her for all labor and delivery needs :)

   — Veronika S.


Dr. Daniella Montemurro is the BEST OBGYN Doctor I have ever had. Without her I don't know what would have happened to me and what I went through. She's the BEST! The staff is the BEST! Dr. Robert Montemurro is the BEST! They are AMAZING! Very amazing Doctors and Staff.

   — S N.

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