Reviews for Anjali Grover, M.D.


Dr. Grover is a very calming and gentle medical professional who was ultra prepared for my visit. For treatment considerations she includes your preferences in decisions, where appropriate, but she is gently emphatic in her medical best judgement . Never looked at a computer in my presence! Extremely knowledgeable and a kind sense of humor. I’m fortunate to have her on my health team.

   — Professional, Astute, Lovely


Dr Grover is truly amazing. She cares about your total well being, and even though she is an incredible endocrinologist, she is extremely knowledgeable about all health issues. She actually listens and cares about you. I feel like I had a therapy session after our visits because she listens ( and follow ups) to all of my concerns. She is compassionate, empathetic and a brilliant physician. I travel from Brooklyn to see her because she is one of a kind : a healing angel.

   — Jacqueline Hoffman


Dr Grover is amazing. The receptionists are terrible . It took me 8 weeks to get through to someone. You call and then are placed on hold until You hang up or get transferred only to be hung up On. They don’t care.

   — Alton Craig Dunn


I have been seeing Dr. Grover for years and she is so amazing. She takes the time to listen to you and makes you feel like a person, not just a patient. She is very knowledgeable and I always feel that I can trust her opinion. I can't recommend a better doctor!

   — Vienna Bonato


She's a wonderful Dr, detail oriented & compassionate

   — Lisa B


She is caring , empathic, extremely knowledgeable in the field of endocrinology and other fields of medicine. She listens to you and she see you as a whole person with many issues and treats you with all of your concerns. You could not ask for a more wonderful doctor. I first saw her in NY and followed her to NJ- I would seriously follow her anywhere. We are in a time when doctors don't seem to care - She does! She is absolutely the best!

   — Jackie Hoffman


I love Dr. Grover I have seen her twice now and would never change a very caring doctor and explains everything to you very caring and very compassionate doctor the best. So happy with her.

   — Dr. Grover


I've never in my life been to a better physican than Dr. Grover. She was well worth the wait. She sat with me for so long and spoke to me as a person. She took time to understand my experiences and symptoms and asked thoughtful questions along the way. I felt so seen and cared for. After 7+ years of chasing answers/raising my hand to say something didn't feel right and being dismissed by various doctors, I cried happy tears this week to finally have answers. She is superb.

   — Ashley Duvall


Dr. Grover is truly amazing . She is compassionate and cares for her patients .

   — A C


Dr Grover is an amazing doctor and has true compassion. She treats my grandmother, mother and I. I would recommend her to anyone. She has a great office staff as well especially Jennifer and Calisia.

   — Madeline Carlo


Dr. Grover is an amazing doctor. She takes her time explaining in details to me how I can bring my sugar levels down. Dr. Grover is not just a great doctor, but also very sweet, caring and dedicated to her patients. She has change my life.

   — Norma Bertot


Dr. Grover takes her time with you. She explains everything and has a genuine concern for your well being. I am so happy to have found her. She has literally changed my life. After a year and a half of not feeling well, she diagnosed and treated me. After a few weeks on the proper medication, I am feeling like my old self again. I can't thank her enough.

   — Susan Carpinello Tran


Showed a lot of patience, empathy and willingness to help find a solution to the problem

   — Ollie Brown


Dr Grover is one of the best physicians I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She knows what she’s talking about and is so kind. She really does care and after years I feel like I’m finally getting the care I needed for my medical issue.

   — M Monty


Dr. Grover is so smart, informed, trustworthy and kind!

   — Jane Mcevoy


Happy birthday Sis🎉. Was trying to reach you on your WhatsApp but guess your number has changed. Sorry, for wishing you birthday publicly. May Waheguru bless you with lots of health, wealth and happiness. Warm Regards. Your brother from India. Manish Grover

   — Manish Singh Grover


Dr.Grover is the Best endocrinologist I ever had, From Florida to New Jersey there is no one better. She is very caring, Listens to every issue I my have & always has a solution for my Diabetes. I have spent 30-40 minutes going over reports with her. When blood is drawn she calls with results the next day or two. The six receptionist are easy to reach by phone, scheduling is simple, making, changing appointments are simple, & friendly. Dr. Grover does not do full exams for me, that’s what my Internal Medical doctor does, she Does go over that doctors labs, reports, recommendations and works with all my doctors. She does check my heart, lungs, breathing and more. My A1C has gone from 7.4 to 5.2 Dr.Grover also has seen me in the hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health and does in hospital visits. I Highly recommend this office, Staff & Dr. Anjali Grover in the Montclair Glen Ridge area or where ever you live. You Will be Happy you did. I Know I Am & Grateful.

   — Chet Karnas Montclair


Dr. Grover is the most caring and thoughtful doctor I have ever come across. I have been under her care for several years and followed her to this practice from her previous one in Manhattan and will probably do it again if she moves somewhere else! She listens carefully and suggests all possible solutions for her patients. You will never have second thoughts about her management. I like this practice as well - very organized, clean and the wait time is totally reasonable. You will be in great hands if you are looking for an excellent doctor who also has a very kind and humble nature.

   — Maj Zaheda


Dr Grover is the Best.

   — Anthony Giangrande


She is an amazing doctor!! One of the BEST! She takes her time, she listens to you and has the most wonderful bedside manners. Would recommend her to everyone!!

   — Dana Danduone


My visit with Dr. Grover came after numerous visits with other Endocrinologists. I had my thyroid removed 6 yrs ago and have been struggling ever since. After just 3 visits with Dr. Grover I feel fantastic with my energy and overall health, also lost 30lbs!! Dr. Grover listens and validates and offers her professional opinion/diagnosis without talking down to you making you feel like it’s all in your head! She is so thorough each visit she recalls what you said in your past visit making you feel so important. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her!

   — G. Fitzgerald


Dr. Grover is the best doctor I ever had , because she has compassion and cares what happens to her patients, I give her 10 stars! Patricia pinto

   — Patricia Pinto


Dr. Grover is thoughtful, warm and kind, qualities that are unfortunately, few and far between in the medical field. I hold her expertise and knowledge in her field as endocrinologist specialist in high regard. She allayed my fears and doubts about my condition which was negative/excellent! a marvelous human being.

   — Carolyn


Dr. Grover is one of my favorite doctors. She explains in layman's terms so that I can understand. She provides great care and recommends points of action.

   — Cynthia Lee-Hinton


She took time to hear the issues I wanted addressed and came up with a plan moving forward.

   — Elizabeth Hemminger


She is an excellent human being... she is very kind... she takes the time to explain things to you in detail... and she follows up on your problem... she is interested in one... thank you very much 🤗

   — Angela Espinal


Friendly informative professional on time

   — Anne T. Tone


She's the Best

   — Anthony Giangrande Jr


Dr. Grover always runs on time, gives me time to ask questions, and is thorough. She is non-reactive and makes slow changes to medications and works through your lifestyle to find out what's working and what isn't. She is pleasant and always available through the portal or her staff as well.

   — Lymor Wasserman


Dr. Grover is an excellent physician—she is thorough, listens well and takes your feelings and concerns into account in care plans. She’s open and welcoming to patients who do their own research and know their bodies well—and the first endocrinologist I’ve had who listened to me and didn’t dismiss my self-reporting of my diet and symptoms. Dr. Grover advocates for her patients and is truly caring.

   — Lisa


I've been a patient of Dr. Grover for many years and I absolutely love her! Not only she is an awesome doctor but also a very nice person. I started seeing her in Manhattan and when she moved to NJ, I followed her. I travel ~1hr to see her and it is absolutely worth the trip. She is super knowledgeable (my thyroid level has been changing and she is very attuned to even minute changes) and caring. She informs me right after the blood test results become available and always answers my questions very promptly. As equally important to me, she is one of the two absolutely equanimous and calm people I have met my entire life and I respect and adore her so much for that. She is the best and I'd highly recommend her to everyone in a heart beat.

   — Duygu Cibik


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Grover for about 3 years. She is the kindest and most thorough doctor I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. Her bedside manner and willingness to listen to my medical concerns goes beyond the call of duty. She doesn’t make you wait long to come into the exam room and once there, you are treated with respect and dignity. My type II diabetic condition has improved tremendously through her care. The front desk personnel are pleasant and polite. I highly recommend Dr Grover to anyone looking for a true professional who cares about her patient!!!

   — Michael Geeza


Dr. Grover is truly amazing and what she does. She is caring and knowledgeable in her field. I came to her with terrible A1C and in distress on how to manage my diabetes and in less than a year she was able to regulate my numbers and help me regain control. She is empathetic and actually cares about her patients. I have gone through a lot of endocrinologists but she is the only one I whole heartedly have been able to trust all her medical decisions. She listens to your lifestyle and adjusts your medical plan according to your needs Honestly, my life has been so much better because of her care and practice. 100% recommend her to anyone struggling with their blood sugar control!

   — Katherine Giselle


Dr Grover is amazing. She is caring, gentle, empathetic and available to hearing every concern you may have and taking the time to address each one and the different treatment options, long and short terms. She is also extremely responsive on messages via mychart online and addresses blood work results almost always within a day as they become available. This works got me rather than always having to leave messages or try and book appointments to go in outside of the scheduled visits. I would recommend her to anyone 100%.

   — Neeti Patel


What can I say about Dr. Grover and my experience with her? Only that if I could give her 10 stars on this review, I absolutely would. In fact, how amazing she is simply has no numerical value to it. She treats you as a friend, not just a patient - and really has your best interest and health at the very heart of everything she does. She helped me solve a medical mystery that I had suffered for some time and as a result, I had my greatest miracle. I couldn't have achieved it without her medical knowledge and expertise, and persistence with what the issue was. She is absolutely my favorite doctor. I believe I even joked with her one time about how I wish she was a doctor in all specialties - she'd really be the only doctor I'd ever see! TLDR: Phenomenal, million-stars, A+, absolutely excellent doctor who will stop at nothing to solve your medical and health mysteries. Additionally, the front desk staff is quite pleasant also :) BIG HUGS FOR DR. GROVER!!

   — Sandhya Puli


Dr. Grover is patient and caring and especially responsive!

   — Christine Yewaisis


Very understanding very patient shows she understands your issues and cares

   — Tom Vonoczky


Have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Grover. She is always very pleasant, I never feel rushed. She takes time to thoroughly discuss any items that are bothering you. She explains things thoroughly and in terms you can understand. The office staff is also top notch. I would have no problem recommending Dr. Grover to friends and relatives.

   — Bud Willis


The best doctor! Very caring and knowledgable. Highly recommend.

   — Nicole Elstein


Dr Anjali Grover is phenomenal!!!

   — Bernardo De Paulo Romero


Dr Grover is so competent and her expertise in Thyroid disorders is very reassuring. You are not rushed and she explains everything and answers all your questions. She returns your calls and calls to discuss blood work.

   — Erin Wacha


Excellent doctor. Knowledgeable and empathetic.

   — Maria Fusco


We would Highly recommend Dr. Grover to any person in need of an excellent endocrinologist. My husband and I see her on a quarterly basis for routine visits. She is very knowledgeable and personable, easy to talk to, very attentive to our cares and concerns as well supportive to our progress with good health and and A1c results.

   — George And Bernadette Miller


I would highly recommend Dr. Anjali Grover! No doubt that I have to wait for 2 months to see her because she's a top-notch Endocrinologist along with her team of nurses. Some of the characteristics that I love about her is that she will thoroughly ask about your concerns, listen to every details and explain various points and the processes that I will be going through. She is so soft-spoken and you will never get intimidated to ask questions. I remember the first time I saw her and I told her that I feel home under her care and that is true! Thank you, Doc and we need more of you.

   — Angeli Diaz


I would highly recommend Dr. Anjali Grover! No doubt that I have to wait for 2 months to see her because she's a top-notch Endocrinologist along with her team of nurses. Some of the characteristics that I love about her is that she will thoroughly ask about your concerns, listen to every details and explain various points and the processes that I will be going through. She is so soft-spoken and you will never get intimidated to ask questions. I remember the first time I saw her and I told her that I feel home under her care and that is true! Thank you, Doc and we need more of you.

   — Angeli Diaz


Love Dr. Grover. Very kind & understanding! Definitely one of my favorite doctors!

   — Gabriela Mendez


Where do I start? I've NEVER come across a doctor whom I'd fully trust his/her opinion/expertise without doing my own research, etc. Then, I met Dr. Grover! Dr. Grover is patient, knowledgeable, amenable, collaborative and genuinely cares for you as a person not a patient. Whereas, I can switch doctors with ease - not, Dr. Grover! I'll follow her wherever she goes!!! There should be more like her!

   — Kweli Campbell


Dr Grover is the best

   — Mike C


I highly recommend Dr. Grover. She gives you all the time you need to discuss your concerns and explain your treatment options and her recommendations. She is so very knowledgeable and easy to talk to I am sure you will be very happy with her.

   — Dia


Dr. Grover is by far the best doctor I have ever had! She is kind and patient and remembers everything about every patient! I would follow her wherever she went and have from NYC to NJ and I live in Westchester, so I drive an hour for a doctors appointment, that's how amazing she is! If you have the opportunity to make Dr. Grover your doctor, don't hesitate.

   — Michele Maternity Photos


Dr. Grover is kind, understanding and a great doctor! She thoroughly explains medical terms and will always answer questions. She has a positive attitude that helps when a patient is nervous or concerned about their medical condition. Dr. Grover has provided excellent medical care.

   — Anita


Dr. Grover is an excellent physician. I just got my daughter to start seeing her. She is clinically well informed, is patient centric and involves her patients on the decision making process. I am very happy with her level of care.

   — Adriana


Most definitely. She listens thoughtfully, explains things clearly, and makes sensible recommendations. Excellent bedside manner. I’m glad she’s my doctor.

   — James Sweeney


Dr Grover is the best ! .. She listens.. she cares... she takes the time to answer your questions and concerns... A 5 star rating is not enough !

   — Gail Winston


Dr Anjali Grover is the embodiment of her name – Truly an Angel! Pure grace. Her deeply knowledgable foundation in Western medicine is viewed through a holistic, integrative lens that is customized to each patient. She so patiently listens to, learns from, and guides her patients toward health. Her level of compassion goes above and beyond what anyone has ever shown me. Dr Grover has been treating me since 2016/Manhattan where I followed her to NJ – Unlike other Doctor visits, it is truly a treat to see this beautiful human. I can not recommend her more highly. (Side note: The front desk is not particularly reliable or responsive, but don't let that frustrate you. Dr Grover is worth any administrative hassle you might face.)

   — Theresa


I have been seeing Dr Grover for over 5 yrs. She is the most caring, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor. To add, she is very loving and a divine person, which you can see right on her face. She is simply the Best. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an endocrinologist.

   — Suresh Vakharia


Dr. Anjali Grover is the kindest, most compassionate and talented doctors I have dealt with for my medical condition. She is very smart and listens closely to make the right diagnosis and medicine/lifestyle recommendations. You will be hard pressed to find a doctor who practices and cares for patients as well as she does. She treats the whole person and sees a human being, not just symptoms and cures.

   — Michelle Doran


Dr Grover is simply the best, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

   — Michael Schwiederek


She is the Excellent dr. Very good take care , m very impressed with her for my treatment, results is very good.....she is Best , friendly

   — Nita Shah


Great doctor. Seeing her for years. Use to see her in her Manhattan office and moved with her to her NJ office. Dr. Grover is a phenomenal individual. For years I’ve been trying to get pregnant and was unable but with her help of getting my thyroid under control I was able to conceive. Can’t thank her enough. Thanks to her wonderful staff also

   — Nadira Vaipree


First of all, please be advised that Dr. Angali Grover MD offices have moved across the street from Mountainside Hospital to 311 Bay Avenue, 3rd. floor in Glen Ridge, NJ 07028. The new phone # 973-798-4777. Dr. Grover MD is the best. She is warm and sincerely concerned about her patients. She takes time to sit an speak to you and ask questions to evaluate not only what you are telling her, but what she sees may be an issue which needs to be addressed. I was so uplifted after my visit. I recommend Dr. Grover highly. I must also compliment the staff. From the personal that makes yours appointments to the Assistant that takes your information in the inner offices, to the personal that take your blood or other services. I was very impressed. And in this Covid-19 environment, these Service Providers should get a medal.

   — MB


I have been with Dr. Grover for 2 years. I'm very satisfied with the care I get from her. She listens to what I say, explains in details, and very flexible as to the type of treatments when I changed the insurance. Highly recommend her.

   — H.C.


Dr. Anjali Grover has given me hope I can be in control of my type 2 diabeties instead of it being in control of me. She is a caring and giving person who takes the time to listen to her patients and help them succeed on this journey. Before I met her I was terrified when I found out I had diabeties only this July 2020. She is amazing and I am thankful she is there for me. The office staff is always pleasant and helpful. This is one doctors office it is a pleasure to go to even when I have to have my A1c test done.

   — Toni Gamarro


Dr. Anjali Grover is absolutely fantastic! I started seeing her in October for a thyroid issue and have been going in for monitoring every week or two. She is incredibly patient and answers all your questions - I never felt rushed at all. I've had a couple instances where I needed to call the office and she always replied same day- I feel that I am in great care with her. To top it off- her office staff is awesome- they are always accommodating and helpful. Thank you Dr. Grover & team!

   — Meredith Davis


She is an excellent doctor and takes time patiently going over your history and diagnosing it accurately. This is the first time in more than 10 years that my A1C numbers went down after having Dr. Anjali Grover as my Endocrinologist beginning this year.

   — Kerman


She is an excellent doctor who patiently listens to you and provides accurate diagnosis. For first time in more than ten years my A1C numbers went down after having Dr. Anjali Grover as my Endocrinologist beginning this year

   — Kerman Dukandar


She was very pleasant and patience. Explained what was going on and talked about my different options.

   — Datboii Qua


For over eight years, I have been privileged to have Dr. Anjali Grover as my endocrinologist. Her professionalism, thoroughness, and extraordinarily vast level of knowledge puts her in a league of her own. It has been an honor and a pleasure for me to deal with such a dedicated, empathetic, gracious and compassionate doctor who truly cares enough to treat each patient as a unique individual.

   — Hope J. King-Gilbert


For over eight years, I have been privileged to have Dr. Anjali Grover as my endocrinologist. Her professionalism, thoroughness, and extraordinarily vast level of knowledge puts her in a league of her own. It has been an honor and a pleasure for me to deal with such a dedicated, empathetic, gracious and compassionate doctor who truly cares enough to treat each patient as a unique individual.

   — Hope J. King-Gilbert


I feel very fortunate to have Dr.Grover as my endocrinologist. I have been her patient for over 3 years. I relocated from NY to CT but still chose to continue with Dr. Grover as my endocrinologist. It is hard to find a wonderful doctor with an amazing personality who is personable, truly caring, friendly, extremely calm and composed. Dr. Grover makes you feel comfortable in appointments, genuinely listens to patients, explains lab results in detail and goes above and beyond to provide the medical care you need. She provided me excellent medical care all these years and provided continuous support during my pregnancy and postpartum. I highly recommended Dr.Grover, an endocrinologist genuinely believes in changing the quality of patients’ lives. Can’t thank Dr. Grover enough for everything.

   — Pramoda


Dr. Anjali Grover, M.D. is a wonderful doctor! Her medical expertise and advise have been terrific, and she has a beautiful and caring personality. I sought Dr. Grover’s assistance as an endocrinologist for care regarding bone density issues, seeking explanations and direction as to my own health needs. I was anxious! Dr. Grover, however, explained my whole situation to me very clearly and encouragingly. She listened. She gave me the chance to express my confusion and questions, without rushing me. Then, her thorough and understandable explanation followed. In addition, I needed Dr. Grover’s further attention on one matter after leaving the appointment and I called her office. A truly kind receptionist, MAXI, took my call and reassured me that she would tell Dr. Grover. And…lo and behold…an hour later, Dr. Grover herself called me. I am fortunate to have Dr. Grover in my health-care life! Thank you, Dr. Grover. Mary(from Nutley)- 8/19/20

   — Mary (from Nutley)


Dr. Grover is fantastic. It was difficult for me to find an endocrinologist who understood my specific problem. Dr. Grover is knowledgeable and thorough.

   — Vincent Scully


Just had my parents first appointment with Dr. Grover and seriously left thinking, "I wish all physicians were like Dr. Grover!" She's a phenomenal! She's incredibly knowledgeable and has exceptional bed side manners. 11 of out 10 in my books. Thank you Dr. Grover for being you and so patient with our visit and addressing all our concerns!

   — Bhavika Patel


Doctor Grover is a caring concerned Physician, knowledgeable in current medical options and attuned to her patients. Her engaging manor makes visits relaxed. She is supportive in any way she can be!

   — Rachel Kenigsberg


Dr. Grover is terrific. Very knowledgeable. She obviously reviewed all of my medical history prior to seeing me which is a pleasant surprise from some of my previous experiences with physicians. She did not rush through our appointment and was very thorough.

   — Jackie


I wish all of my doctors were exactly like Dr. Grover. She is excellent. She is extremely intelligent, very thorough and genuinely cares about her patient's health. She takes into account all of your health conditions not just the issue she is treating you for. I highly recommend Dr. Grover.

   — Maryann Marino


Dr Anjali is wonderful because she listens to you. She is very caring, patient, and concerned with not just your endocrinological concerns, but your over-all well being. They are in a lovely, new building and location. Very clean, with a pleasant staff.

   — Zobeida Perez


Excellent doctor. Knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable .

   — Barbara Wichaa


I have known Dr. Grover for several years. Dr. Grover is one of the finest doctors that I have every known. She is warm and caring, while providing the medical expertise that I am fortunate to receive.

   — Esther B.


There new office location is state of the art facility,they have all prcaution to protect from covid 19 & followed all protocol, i admire Dr grover for her suggestion & details , i recommend her service to any one. staff are also excellent.

   — Ashok Acharya


I have been with Dr. Grover for many years and I have always had a great experience with her. She is caring, understanding and just all round a wonderful person. When she moved to New Jersey I followed her out there. Because she is the best doctor have a ever encountered.

   — Vee


Dr. Grover is the best endocrinologist I have ever come across. Great doctors are hard to find-especially Endocrinologists that listen to your symptoms AND not just go by bloodwork. She is a forward thinker, kind and willing to do whatever it takes to help her patients have a quality of life..and it shows. She should be TOP DOC 2020 (or longer).

   — Jennifer Jamison


Dr. Grover is extremely compassionate, thorough and a true patient advocate. She has always shown great care and concern for my well-being and I feel confident having her in my corner managing my diabetes. I wholeheartedly recommend her because of her exceptional disease knowledge that works in tandem with her unparalleled patient consult manner. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Grover’s for more than 6 years and am fortunate to be under her care.

   — Ben G.


Dr. Grover is professional and well prepared. She has always read my lab results before I arrive. We have an excellent conversation.

   — Ken G


Dr. Grover is wonderful. She is caring and thoughtful. She is always willing to listen to how you're actually feeling vs. just going by the numbers on your thyroid blood test. She also diagnosed a parathyroid problem I developed and then kept me calm while going thru the process of finding a surgeon. I was her patient in NYC and now travel to NJ to see because of her dedication.

   — Tricia


Dr. Grover is wonderful. She is caring and thoughtful. She is always willing to listen to how you're actually feeling vs. just going by the numbers on your thyroid blood test. She also diagnosed a parathyroid problem I developed and then kept me calm while going thru the process of finding a surgeon. I was her patient in NYC and now travel to NJ to see because of her dedication.

   — Tricia Kampton


I have had my shares of endocrinologists over the past 5 years. However I can’t express the level of compassion Dr. Grover has for her patients! She has a heart of gold and really cares about how you feel. Test results come back the next day so you have an immediate plan of action! I will never go to another endocrinologist for my Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism!

   — Corey


Great Doctor

   — Kathleen Willis


The wait time is reasonable longest would be 15 mins. Dr Grover is very thorough, explains herself very well and cares for your health. She gives you the time you need. Explains any treatment changes in plain words not medical terms.

   — Maria Nubla


Dr. Grover is kind, caring, as well as expertly skilled in her field. She put my anxiety to rest when interpreting my blood test results. She described a way forward that is easy to accomplish, taking one step at a time. Her staff are knowledgeable and efficient, and display a positive attitude at all times.

   — Mary Stewart


I am extremely satisfied with the Carey that Dr. Grover has given me. She is soft spoken and took her time to listen to all of my concerns. She explains her plan of what she needs to do to help you. She gives a thorough examination and she made a follow up call explaining the results of my bloodwork. I feel very secure in Dr. Grover taking the best care of me.

   — Mindy Sinnreich


Dr. Grover is a wonderful doctor. She is caring, knowledgeable and completely professional. She takes time to know and listen to her patients. I would recommend her 100%.

   — Eileen DiGeronimo


Dr. Grover is a very professional, caring doctor and I would highly recommend her. I just wish I could leave an extra star.

   — Bob C.


Highly recommend Dr. Grover! She’s an exceptional, caring and holistic minded provider. I have had Hashimoto’s for 15 years now and I finally feel like I have found a doctor who is very knowledgeable and someone I can rely on.

   — Lacey Maiman


Dr Grover is Top Notch! She is the most caring endocrinologist I have met. I have been under another endocrinologists care for 3 years and I have felt more cared for in her in 2 visits as I did from the other doctor in those 3 years. Highly highly recommended!

   — Marco


Dr Grover is phenomenal! She is one of the most caring, knowledgeable endocrinologist that I have ever encountered. She sits, listens and is truly there to understand your individual situation. Top notch Doctor!

   — Dr. Marco Ferrucci


I’ve never met a physician like Dr Grover. She’s Brilliant has a great sense of humor and works with diabetic patients to get the core understanding of the illness. I hope she will be in practice for many years!

   — Steve Shapiro


I had my first appointment with Dr. Grover and I would have to say she is one of the best specialists I have ever met. My husband and I couldn't say enough about her professionalism, compassion, and her overall personality. She knew I was very nervous and she could not be more calming and reassuring. She spoke to both of us in such a professional manner, however in a way which was so reassuring and comfortable to understand. She explained everything presently going on & the next step needed.

   — Maria Lucarelli


My 1st appointment was canceled because Dr. Grover was not yet approved for insurance submissions. I found Dr. Grover to be professional and caring. It was my first visit to an endocrinologist and I needed a FNAB of a thyroid nodule performed. She took the time to explain thoroughly. However - I have been calling the office for the last 2 days (FNAB was 2 weeks ago) and am unable to get through. The phones went to the answering service during routine hours 2 days in a row. Very frustrating.

   — Lisa


I had been told by other men with low-t not to have a woman doctor-they can’t understand what you’re going through. Well, I guess Dr. Grover can’t empathize but she could certainly sympathize and took my situation seriously. I had been dealing with depression, anxiety and exhaustion (typical signs of low-t), and it was clear she understood. She took her time to review almost 4 pages of notes I had prepared, and made a diagnosis on the spot without hesitation, not typical...and she listens!!!

   — Macklincj


Dr. Grover is one of the best Doctors I’ve ever seen. She is always on time, takes the time to answer all of my questions and explain everything to me. She is very knowledgeable and thorough and even calls on weekends with time sensitive medication changes based on blood work. She truly cares and has an easy personality to work with.

   — JS


There's no wait time when you go see her (if you have an appointment), and she is all ready for you with all the previous numbers and personal info in her head. Definitely someone who does her homework well.

   — Reo

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