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I was a patient of Dr. Giuliano's for over 30 years and was nervous about seeing a new doctor. Dr. Shehata is kind and compassionate and I highly recommend him.

   — Mary Camarata


I will be 83 this year. I was a medical technician in the Air Force from 1959 to 1963. I worked at a pharmacological research center in Bellevue Hospital in NYC from 1964 to 1967. I've had several surgeries and hospitalizations over the years. I've had contact with many, many doctors as a result. I can say without fear of contradiction that Dr. Alexandre Shehata is the most thorough and attentive doctor I have ever had. This was my first appointment with him as I am changing primary physicians. My first appointment with him was awesome - he spent at least an hour with me, going over my past and the records I had sent him. He listens, a quality in doctors I have had trouble finding. He asks questions. He makes suggestions. He explains things in a way you can understand. He dictates his notes in your presence to be sure he gets everything right. He follows up (he called to tell me my blood test results on a Sunday!). The office staff was also excellent - I have found that the office staff is often a reflection of the doctor's attitude and behavior and this office is no exception.

   — Rodney Leinberger


I been looking for a Good Doctor and I found a great one …. Thanks you guys are the best

   — Pedro “Show En Victoria” Torres


Be aware of billing issues with the office and Hackensack Meridian Health billing. I have been going to DR Shehata for about a year, while I like the doctor and have no problem with DR Shehata. However, after getting my blood work results. I was told that I needed a higher strength B12 shot 4 x once weekly.. I went to the office and received the shot from a Nurse and not from the Doctor. Well, almost 2 months later I received a bill of $100.00 after my insurance paid Hackensack Meridian for the B12 shot . Mind you I was never told by the office staff that there would be a copayment of $25 for each shot administered. I immediately went to the office manager and was told there should not be a copayment. and that she will investigate the charge. Well moving forward, she was not able to assist and refer me to my insurance. So I contacted the insurance and was told to file an appeal and it was just denied and they said I am responsible for the copay since I saw a nurse for 2 minutes.. This is very upsetting since I have never been charged for an office visit before for a B12 shot. If I have know, I could have easily gone to CVS and got the supplement B12 for alot cheaper. So as a result of the Hackensack billing system, I will be no longer be going to this office or any Doctors that are under Hackensack Meridian billing. So again, beware of their billing practice

   — John P


After being a patient of Dr. Giuliano for 35 + years I was skeptical to find a new Doctor. I have been very pleased with Dr. Shehata as his personality is that of concern and understanding,. He listens and shares advice without judgement. I would recommend that you at least give him the opportunity to visit with you in order to get to know him.

   — Rosanne Filangieri


Dr Shehata is an excellent clinician who easily develops rapport with his patients. He takes the time to listen and is incredibly thorough. I am a physician myself and I have entrusted my entire family to his care.

   — Gabriela Bambrick


I really like Dr Shehata he’s very patient and kind and addresses all of my concerns. I highly recommend him.

   — Maria Das Graças Anjos


Great doctor very thorough and caring

   — Philip Nufrio


I had my first visit with Dr. Shehata today for my yearly physical. He was very thorough. He took the time to find out about my medical history and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend him. He is now my primary care doctor.

   — Ed Greig


First time to this doctor and really liked his attention to detail and the fact that I didn’t feel rushed at all! Will definitely continue to come back!

   — Amanda Phelps


Saw Dr.Shehata for the first time and I was very pleased with the visit, he was very thorough and went over my entire medical history to make sure he didnt miss anything. Finding a good primary doctor is a very hard thing now a days and I feel lucky to have a good one.I would 100% recommend Dr.Shehata

   — Sara L.


Dr.Shehata is a great person. He really takes time to understand the patients issues and is a very attentive listener. In today's world when people don't seem to have time to really take the time to figure out what's really best for the patient, Dr. Shehata is a true diamond in the rough. He's younger and up to date on the latest advances in medicine. I highly recommend him.

   — Satyan Shah


In today's day and age it is very hard to find a good doctor and office staff at the same time. We were lucky that Dr. Shehata took over Dr. Giuliano's practice. He is a caring, informative Doctor . My husband and I found it very easy to speak to him and ask questions. He took the time to answer you and always asked if there was anything else you needed. He went over your chart line by line. Dr. also asked you to listen when he was speaking your notes regarding your visit and medical records just in case you wanted to advise him you didn't understand what he said. If you need a new doctor, he is one that we know if you went to him you would be happy with. HIs mentor was Dr. Giuliano that says a lot. His office staff is very helpful and caring. So pleased . you will be also.

   — Geri Safonte


Amazing staff and amazing Doctor . Took his time with me and explained everything. Listened to all of my concerns and very caring .

   — Maria Iacona


Recently, I had my first visit with Dr. Shehata and he and his entire staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Shehata is very attentive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Shehata.

   — Kathy Orton


Extremely knowledgeable, best bedside manners. A doctor that cares, very rare to find. Very thorough with follow up on test results. Highly recommended.

   — Grace McDuffie


like him, has big shoes to fill but i think he will do great

   — Sussy E. Morehouse


Dr. Shehata was pleasant, concerned, effective, very understandable, and did not rush the visit nor end it at the door while I was speaking.

   — Angela Saporito


Dr. Alex saved my mom's life. My mom has Parkinson's disease so Doc's that do not know her situation blame everything on Parkinson's and don't listen when I say that the new behavior is not normal or that this is not her baseline. Dr. Alex listened. He did not give up and my mom is back to the way she was months before he saw her. I would recommend this Dr. and if we are ever in an emergency like that again, I pray that he is her Dr.

   — Gina Fondetto


This is my new doctor. He was very attentive and very insightful with all my questions. Gave me good advice and the staff treated me with respect. Thank you guys.

   — Armando M


Dr Shehata is great, he has great bedside manner, made me feel very comfortable as a new patient. He is very direct and did a great job answering any questions I had.

   — Kyle Mann


Dr. Shehata listened to all my concerns and made sure he understood the real issues in order to help me with a plan for better health. Appreciate his great bedside manner (something lacking in so many medical professionals these days). He had suggestions that were new and thankful that they were not all prescriptions!

   — Melissa Navas


Dr. Shehata is truly a unique doctor. He is not only a good doctor medically, but he has a great bedside manner. He is friendly, kind, patient and never rushes you. There are very few doctors today that you can say that about. I would recommend him to everyone.

   — Cheryl Keenan


As a relatively new resident to New Jersey (living in Bergen County), I was worried about finding a caring and genuine PCP. I would say that I got more than lucky in choosing Dr. Shehata. I was greeted by incredibly kind and friendly staff upon entering for my appointment. Dr. Shehata himself is an absolutely wonderful human being that really made me feel important and heard. He is kind and amicable, making it very easy to talk to him. It really felt like he listened to me and my concerns. Overall, I feel very well cared for and cannot wait for my next visit. Thank you to the wonderful staff and doctor here!

   — Mark Hansen


Dr Shehata and his staff are wonderful. My Mom has been going to this office for many years but just recently with Dr. Shehata. He listens to his patient, explains everything thoroughly, discusses options and offers high quality care. I highly recommend Dr. Shehata. Hes a breath of fresh air ! Shirley P.

   — Ann K


My wife met with Dr. Shehata for the first time last week, as he replaced her former doctor. She says he spent a lot of time with her talking about her medical situation. She strongly recommends him as a family doctor.

   — Peter Branigan

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