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A very pleasant atmosphere. Very friendly staff, immaculate examining room. The Doctor is so helpful and informative. Her explanations are easy to follow and made me feel so confident in her opinions.

   — GerriLex


Dr Davis is a dedicated physician. She is very personable and works with her patients to diagnose and treat them. She has helped me on several occasions. Her kindness is beyond measure!

   — Gina CUGLIARI


Timely, in depth and personable service

   — Susan Soss


I had a great experience here with Dr. Davis! Very skilled at what she does and completely trusted her with treating me. I would recommend to seeing her.

   — Ashley Fernandez


I had an initial visit with Dr. Davis and I was very please as a provider myself. She was very personable and answered all my questions. She eased my fears and decreased my anxiety. Her staff is amazing as well.

   — Rashidah Garrett-Hall


Dr Davis is the best! Always friendly and incredibly knowledgeable!

   — Jessica Scafe


Dr. Davis is a 10 star review. If I ran down a list of things that I loved about this Doctor there be no room for reviews. Thank you for treating me like a human being, showing genuine concern for your patients and being interested in the well being of anyone seeking your help. I recommend this Doctor to anyone and everyone.

   — J Dubb


Thank you Dr. Davis for being the dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor that you are! You Are a Real Angel Doctor You Went above and beyond and worked tirelessly with me towards a healthy direction... I am blessed to know you. I only met you once November 25, 2020 you have an impeccable staff with Great work ethics. I was scared and you knew that. I am Forever Grateful God sent me to you. Many thanks Many Blessings Outstanding Brilliant Dr. Juhayna Davis. Gina DAries Moskus

   — G


Dr. Davis was amazing. This was my first time seeing her. I wanted to switch doctors as the last practice I was a part of, didn't really listen to my concerns. In the last practice I went to, it was usually a 3 minute visit and then just prescribed medication after medication. Dr. Davis listened to all my concerns patiently and went through my medical history. She wanted my entire medical background to grasp my issues and concerns. I haven't felt that kind of concern from a doctor in such a long time. I am very happy I was able to find her.

   — Sandra Guerra


I have been very satisfied with the care Dr. Davis has provided to me. She is a very thorough and competent physician who I have the utmost faith in. I would recommend her to anyone. Her staff is also very pleasant and helpful.

   — Robert Cece


Dr. Davis is highly knowledgeable about the most effective & current asthma treatments. She is receptive to brainstorming on treatment plans. Also, she is accessible when needed. Most of all, it is comforting to be able to rely on her expertise during the time of Covid.

   — Lisa M. Hartley


Dr. Davis was professional, courteous, informative and caring. She took my condition very seriously and even called me personally with test results which is a rarity by most doctors. The communication was outstanding. If I could give her 10 stars I would. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

   — Brian Carey


Amazing physician and practice! Dr. Davis took the time to get to know me and my history and then provide me with the right solutions!

   — Susie Freda


The office staff is wonderfully efficient and kind. Dr Davis is utterly amazing! She actually had her staff call me to make an appointment to clarify information from a test result. She wanted to make sure that I fully understood the results. Her knowledge, care and energy go above and beyond anything I have ever experienced as a patient!

   — Kerry Stetler


Better than just smart, excellently trained, and already well experienced, Juhayna Davis c a r e s, and with effective actions: Meeting her in early March, I was (first time in 79 years) immediately relaxed and confident. Because NJ’s Covid shut-down came within days, there was a five-month wait till the hospital could do the important PFT she had immediately ordered. But there was no waiting for Dr. Davis’s reading of those results! Barely had I got home from the hospital when she sent them on the electronic portal she shares (but best uses). Not only is my COPD very mild, but my lungs are healthier than x-ray alone suggests. Best was her suggesting a non-steroidal one-a-day alternative to the Advair I’d (unfortunately!) taken twice daily for many years, fully briefing me on all the new med’s likely side-effects. We soon met again in her office for a full check up, renewal of the new medication, a n d good full discussion. We are lucky to have Doctor DavIs in New Jersey!

   — Stephen M. Johnson


The best, explains everything and takes her time. I can highly recommend her. Ursula Jones, August 16, 2020

   — Ursula Jones


Great doctor and staff highly recommend very professional

   — Dave Verga


This was my first office visit with Dr. Davis. The office staff was friendly and professional. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Davis’ knowledge and the amount of time she spent explaining my medical condition to me. She also has a wonderfully vibrant personality and made me feel comfortable during my visit.

   — Kerry Stetler


Had lung disease for years! I've been going to Dr Davis for couple of years now she is the Best of the Best!! Thank God for her. I AM LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND HER.

   — Maryannv


I have been well taken care of by Dr. Davis. She has been very through. I like her and would recommend her to anyone else looking for a pulmonary Doctor. Thanks Victor

   — Victor Cardone


She's Great

   — Richard Ferruggia


De. Davis, was very refreshing, she put me at ease during my visit and answered all my questions thoughtfully. She has a genuine quality about her. I felt more comfortable with her than I have with any other doctor.

   — Hector M. Arocho Jr.


This was my second appointment with Dr. Davis and due to the Corona Virus was done through video conferencing. I was very at ease with Dr. Davis with my first visit and she appears to be a very thorough and aggressive physician. Our video conference went well and was basically a follow up for a test I had done. I honestly feel that I'm in good hands with Dr. Davis and have no reservations to recommend her to anyone needing her specialty.

   — BobbyC


She s very thorough, spend time with you regarding your past MHX, CC, your prognosis,etc. I m very careful and research before I see a Dr and she mets all my expectations. Very satisfied.

   — Elena Q


excellent,on time,informative,pleasant

   — Joan Alexander


I trust her judgement implicitly. She’s a thorough and knowledgeable dr and she’s very kind and caring. Everything you’d want in a dr.

   — Shelley K


Extraordinary physician and wonderful person. Grateful and happy to have found her.

   — Shelley Kusnetz


Best of the Best? Dr Davis is the most knowledgeable, compassionate and works very well with all my other physicians. My life is so much better since she came into it! I highly recommend her to everyone.

   — Maryann Villano


Great Dr. very caring of her Patients Does not rush you and explains everything in detail I would highly recommend her.

   — Kathleen Willis


Couldn’t have asked for a better pulmonologist. We came to her with initial concerns that she listened to but also pointed out other areas of concerns that weren’t on our radar. She made sure to point us in the right direction in order to get checked out—very grateful for this. She’s very intelligent and honest. She’s courteous and respectful when delivering news but overall HONEST. I cannot stress this enough as she keeps her word when she says she’ll follow-up and is always on time. She’s a go-getter and gets things done. So grateful to have crossed paths with this intelligent woman and physician. I wish all physicians were like her. Also, her staff is very nice and very helpful—they have the same tenacity she does.

   — Rosa


I was referred to Dr. Davis by two of my specialists who felt the need to see Dr. Davis would be beneficial to my care. I was called into the examination room in less than 10 minutes. The staff was professional and courteous and I truly appreciate that. When meeting Dr. Davis she had thoroughly familiarized herself with my case and previous test results. She explained treatment options and I really felt she was listening to what I had to say. I left with a feeling that Dr. Davis is someone that I could rely on and trust to see that the best care I need would be provided.

   — Bobby C


Awesome ..great listener and so helpful.

   — Alyce Batta


Dr. Davis is the extraordinary combination of a highly skilled physician, a caring human being and yet always seems to find time and space for her patient’s needs, regardless of infirmity. I speak from several years of experience and the ultimate loss of this friendship after her move. How far is it to Glen Ridge? It would be worth it!

   — Steve Massa


Great Office Staff, Excellent Dr. Ty

   — Philip Campanaro


Absolutely the best Doctor I have ever had. NJs gain in Charlotte NCs loss!

   — Rob Stevens In Charlotte NC


Dr. Davis is the best. She is very thorough, proactive and knowledgeable. She takes her time during the examination. She is great responding to your email. I highly recommend her.

   — Charlotte, NC

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