Reviews for Robert Montemurro, M.D.


Drs. Robert and Daniella Montemurro are great and would highly recommend them. They took care of me and my pregnancy since day one until I gave birth thru C-section at Hackensack Meridian Health Mountainside. Our family felt the "TLC" (tender, love and care) that patients always wanted to experience. The staff are also accommodating and professionally-trained. What a great tandem and team!

   — Angeli San Juan-Diaz


Dr. Montemurro delivered my 26 yr old and my 20 yr old. He always takes the time to listen, and answers all my questions. I will be his forever patient!!

   — Ita Roman


Dr Robert Montemuro been my dr for over 20 years the best gynecologist I’ve had , a very caring person and also his staff are very professional. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great gyno.

   — Juli Mercado


Dr. Montemurro had delivered my children (23) (17) (13). I would not change him for nothing in this world.

   — Yulisa Robles


Dr. R. Montemurro is very thorough, kind and professional. Highly recommend.

   — Lori Haefeli


Dr. Robert is a great active listener, and gives helpful responses to questions asked of him. I find it very comfortable to go to him. The nurses and office workers are very professional. Great job.

   — Michelle


I have been a patient of Dr. Montemurro for over 20 years as a Gyne patient. He has the best bedside manner, gentle and very empathetic with how you are feeling as a patient and as a person.

   — Corazon Cortez


Dr. Robert Montemurro was excellent. I’m hopeful because of him I can avoid a d&c. He’s my new Gyno!

   — Vivian Unger


I will forever love Dr. Monte. He delivered my 22yr old son which was an emergency C-section and my 12yr old daughter. No problems they are healthy and for his calmness and professionalism I will always remember and love his work. His staff is amazing too!

   — Kristi Foxworth


Dr. Montemurro is easy to talk to, very professional and makes you feel at ease. Also, the staff is very pleasant/professional, and appointments are taken in a timely manner/minimal wait time. Added bonus: Parking is convenient! Very grateful to have Dr. M. as one of my physicians. :)

   — Susan Sturm


I wish I could have enjoyed being his patient. I just had a relative work for him at the time and didn't appreciate her reading my records so with that I couldn't receive his care. As a beautiful courtesy, he didn't charge me when my insurance had major issues . Till thjs day I'm grateful. My insurance continued to give me issues and I couldn't get true prenatal care somewhere until I was nearly 8 months. To anyone who goes to him you're lucky.

   — Randi C. Morales


I love Dr.Monte since I first time he care for me. I felt comfortable talking with him. He is such a nice Dr. and he's very informative when it comes to hi patients.

   — Tee Jack


Doctor Robert Montemurro is an awesome doctor. I have been his patient for over 21 years. He delivered both my boys. My oldest son is 21 years of age and my youngest son is 17 years old. He and all his staff were extremely attentive during my both pregnancies and to this day. Dr. Montemurro truly cares about his patients and makes sure you receive the professional care that is necessary. I give him the highest recommendation. Yolanda Soto- Passaic, NJ

   — Yolanda S.


I had such a great experience with Dr. Montemurro. He and his staff made me feel so comfortable and welcome. They went out of their way to make sure I got the medication I needed. They are so caring and wonderful!

   — Michelle Mayrer


Dr. Montemurro is amazing. He went out of his way throughout the entire process to help us, answer our questions, and make sure we understood what was going on. We saw both him and his daughter, Daniella. Both of them were empathetic and caring, but most importantly they were knowledgeable and competent. After watching him in action, I could tell that nothing could phase him and he expertly handled any complication as it came up.

   — Michael Pompliano


Dr. Robert M. is absolutely amazing. Words can not describe how much I appreciate him, his comfort, and knowledge. He has been my doctor since I was 14 years old and I wouldn’t have it any other way. His team is great and always makes you feel like you are family. I would recommend him and his daughter Dr. Daniella M. 100x over.

   — Kenya Carrero


Met Dr. Montemurro at Mountainside Hospital today when he discussed my sister's issue with her. He was kind, compassionate and charismatic in bis dealing with us. Dr. Montemurro explained in easily understood language and made my sister feel at ease.

   — Jennifer The Queen


I trust this man with my life and have since 1993. Can't say enough great things about him and his staff. Highly highly recommend to every woman.

   — Anna Caramanna


Awesome experience the best bedside manner highly recommended

   — Ceno G.


I had dr.Rob over year and half and honestly the best and very kind doctor also his assistant Besa is incredible always smiling and making you even more comfortable,the office very nice and friendly!! I will recommend to all!!!!!!

   — Albana Rizvani


Dr. Montemurro is THEE doctor i have ever had. He is so compassionate, he listens to you never, ever rushes you. He always cares about how you feel no matter what. I wish there were more doctors like him!!!!

   — Brenda


Dr Robert Montemurro is an extremely caring Dr who is very understanding of all his patient's needs! His staff are super nice and so helpful with all questions, I wouldn't go anywhere else and recommend him highly.

   — Bernadine Ferrari


This was my first visit with Dr. Robert Montemurro and I was very satisfied. Although I was very nervous, he was very kind and compassionate and put me at ease. He also took the time to explain things to me and answered any questions that I had. He spent a lot of time with me, which is especially helpful in establishing a relationship with a new patient.

   — Carol Swain


Robert Montemurro, MD has always been a 5 STAR provider. Many of my friends and family would agree.

   — Linda Ruiz


This review is a long time coming. I can't tell you how much  Dr. Robert  and Dr. Daniella Montemurro  mean to me. I've been going to this practice for years and they are 2 of the most dedicated and caring doctors I've ever been to in my life. I genuinely and whole heartedly trust them.  They are the perfect package and everything you could possibly want from a obgyn/doctor.  Not only super  knowledgeable , but also kind, considerate, and gentle. Dr. Robert helped me with a medical issue years ago n I really think that  he is the reason why I am healthy to this day.  Dr. Daniella  delivered both my babies n they both were absolutely incredible experiences.  These 2 doctors are hands down the best. They will always have a special place in my heart. Also the staff is completely amazing. Jackie is  awesome and so helpful. The practice feels like family to me. I'm blessed to have them! Highly highly recommend!

   — Tamra MacDonald


This family union is the best!!! Dr. Robert Montemurro and his daughter, Daniella Montemurro, who followed in his footsteps, they make absolutely the best team!! you can’t ask for anything more! they are both genuine, personable, understanding, and very professional in everything they do!! i would recommend them both to all my family and friends!

   — Yelena Borysenko


Dr. Montemurro and his daughter are both amazing. He delivered both my daughters. Only downside to my last visit was that I waited an hour for an appt that lasted 10 minutes. That is the only reason I did not give 5 stars.

   — Stefanie Verghitsis


I was nervous since I was a new patient but was quickly made to feel very comfortable. My questions were welcomed and answered.

   — Theresa Del Vecchio


The best! Love both Dr. Montemuros! They helped me feel calm my entire pregnancy and through an unexpected csection! Highly recommend

   — Connie


I have been going to Dr. Montemurro for over 15 years and would not change to any other doctor...this office cares about there patients and treats them with care and compassion.

   — Yahaira Rodriguez


I have been using Dr. Robert for 15+ years. He has been nothing short of amazing at EVERY visit. He delivered my two children and is about to deliver my 3rd. He has an amazing bed side manner and makes no situation alarming. He is so well educated in his field which makes a patient feel extremely confident with him. I met Dr. Daniella a few times over the years and can say she also has a very calming way about her. I would recommend this office to anyone, which I already do :). They also have a wonderful staff and make you feel right at home. Thank you to you all.

   — Megan DaCosta


Wonderful personality. Puts you at ease. Office staff great.

   — Karen Primich


World’s greatest Obgyn! Both Dr. Robert and Dr. Daniella are amazing. They delivered my children and made me feel calm despite my rough pregnancies, and I can’t recommend them enough.

   — Lauren Simone


If you’re looking for a very experienced doctor who is able to treat you while making you feel comfortable then I highly recommend Dr. Montemurro and his staff. Dr. Montemurro delivered my children and I couldn’t have asked for better treatment.

   — Catherine Rivera


Went through several doctors before finding Robert Montemurro. His office makes me feel comfortable, and always make me feel at ease with any concerns I may have. They are always flexible, and never make you feel rushed. The staff are super friendly. Overall, my experience with both office visits and delivery has been by far the best.

   — Miss Sulai


He saved my life! From what another doctor did to me he is such a caring dr.

   — Alicia .A.


- Easy to schedule appointments. - Staff is friendly, polite, quick and efficient. - Dr. Robert is personable, humorous and knowledgeable. - Visits are not rushed. - Highly recommend.

   — AN


I love this father & daughter team. They are a blessing in our lives. They delivered our 1st child and soon our 2nd child

   — Elsa Cabrera


The BEST! One of the few doctors who still cares!

   — Danielle M


Absolutely amazing Dr. D. Montemurro and a great staff extremely friendly and curtious..

   — Joann Gaynor


I met with Dr Robert yesterday for the first time and the whole experience was excellent. Him and his staff were so comforting and professional. I highly recommend!

   — L C


Very professional, everyone is friendly. These are fast paced visits, so be sure you have any questions ready before hand. I love that Doctor Daniella takes the time to explain things clearly. She is very knowledgeable and experienced as well as Doctor Robert.

   — Stef V


Amazing doctors. Polite and professional staff. The overall environment is friendly and caring. You never feel rushed during your appointment or when you call to speak to the staff. I never leave the office confused or concerned that my questions were never answered. The office is clean and kept in an organized manner. The Doctors are now monitoring my third pregnancy with exceptional care. Both Doctors were there to help me through my first pregnancy when i suffered a lost. The understanding, knowledge, and compassion that was provided allowed me to get through the emotions I had as feeling. Both Doctors were in the delivery room through my labor for my second pregnancy and provided outstanding care.

   — Natalie Santos


I love Dr Montemurro he delivered 3 of my children an he was very compassionate an i was high risk an he monitered me every week. I highly recommend him

   — Lauren Venner


Amazing staff and doctors, absolutely reccomend them. Best decision I have made, I even recieved excellent reviews from claramass hospital and Clifton medical last week. One happy mommy to be to be in amazing and caring hands.

   — Marta Halgren


Hands down the best OBGYN around. Dr. Robert Montemurro is so kind, loving, patient, and careful. It took me five different OB’s until I found “the one” ... he’s the one! I always recommend him to all of my friends and family (many of which are his patients now!). Once you meet him, you will see. You will never switch OB’s again.

   — Kelly Pannullo


Awesome experience, Great doctor

   — Kayla Zapata


Both Robert and Daniella are absolutely amazing. true doctors you can trust.

   — Fabregues


I absolutely love him and his daughter. I been going to him for the passed eight years. I wouldn't choose another Dr. If they paid me.

   — Tasha Lindsay


Very friendly and reassuring

   — S E


He is the best! One of the few doctors left that actually care about their patients.

   — Lia Pretto


Love, love this amazing doctor. Office is always kind and helpful. Dr. Montemurro is kind,sensitive and always answers my question. His bedside manners are amazing and you don't ever feel like you are being rushed.

   — Jessie Lopez


Dr. Montemurro is the best! I've been a patient for over 15 years and would give him the highest possible recommendation.  He is an excellent doctor who truly cares about his patients.  The staff is amazing and new location is also very nice.

   — Nicole F.


He has been my doctor for 20 years most amazing caring doctor ever!!

   — Joan Sanson


Very compassionate and caters to the needs of his clients.

   — Natalie Santos


He makes you feel very comfortable...Dr. R. Montemurro is awesome!

   — Leyda Mora


There is no other like him . He is the best gave birth to my 3 beautiful children aways understanding and helpful with any questions or concerns.

   — Maribel Ramirez


If I could give him 10 stars, I would! I have been seeing Dr. Montemurro for 4 years. I have had 7 other gynecologists and he is by far the best doctor I have ever had! He delivered my daughter full term, which with my medical conditions, I had a slim chance of making it full term. I have since recommended 4 other women who cannot say enough about him! He truly is an amazing doctor who knows his stuff and has a great bedside manner! He has gained a patient for life in me and those 4 women!

   — Rachel


Dr Montemurro has been my OBGYN for over ten years now. I follow him wherever he goes let it be Wayne, Paterson or now Cedar Grove. He's an excellent doctor, extremely professional, awesome bedside manner, very respectful. And now his daughter has joined him and is part of the OBGYN family too. I give him 10 Stars

   — Noemi M.


I'm really confused by some of these other reviews. I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Montemurro for over 15 years and I can't express how wonderful and caring he is. I have never had a problem with his office. They bend over backwards to accommodate the patients. As for his daughter joining the practice, what a wonderful addition to his practice. She is just as wonderful as he is and very caring. I really don't understand how one can think they will see one doctor throughout their pregnancy. Do they think doctors don't deserve time off or vacations or have emergencies. How very selfish people are. I wholeheartedly recommend both these doctors as you will not find better doctors or human beings. They are the best in their fields.

   — Susan Somers


I have been going to this Dr for over 15 years. He is one of the best. He treats his patients like they are part of his family. Very kind and understanding. Explains everything. Highly recommend him!

   — Laura De Benedetto


Dr.Montemurra is a great GYN made me so comfortable and explain things in a way I'm able to understand also he takes he's time and listen to my concerns. He's the BEST 5*****

   — Sandra Jacques


Dr. Montemurro has been my Ob/Gyn since I was a teenager. He has safely delivered my 2 girls and has made every experience memorable. Each and every time of my visit, Dr. Montemurro takes his time to listen and sincerely takes care of you. I would absolutely recommend!

   — AGI P

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