Crystal Tank, M.D.

Crystal Tank MD
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"What excites me most about internal medicine is being able to advise on the prognosis, condition, and severity of illness on a holistic level. I went into healthcare to make a difference in my community and I believe that getting and staying healthy is about having a supportive team by your side to help you maintain your health."

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Glen Ridge
311 Bay Avenue
Suite 102
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
United States
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Crystal Tank, M.D., graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering. She earned a Doctor of Medicine degree at Stony Brook University School of Medicine in 2014. She completed her residency at Stony Brook University Hospital in 2017. She is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Tank is certified for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Dr. Tank believes by working as a team, her patients can get healthy and stay healthy by having access to supportive and professional services.

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Dr. Tank has been our family doctor for almost a year now. And I couldn't feel more lucky to find someone who understands our concerns, culture and reality, takes time to answer my questions, gives me space to decide medication or treatment after giving me all the information that they can provide. I highly recommend Dr. Tank

   — Montserrat Vargas


Dr. Tank was punctual and attentive for my first first visit. She provided immediate comment on my blood test results. A very good first impression.

   — Burton Leon


I look forward to my next appointment with Dr. Tank since she is my new primary doctor. I plan on calling her office to schedule any visits to go see her when I'm feeling sick or for yearly/annual well-check ups. JLZ

   — Joanna Zurlo


Excellent care, excellent service. Great doctor ??

   — Rosa M.


Dr Tank is splendid to work with. I'm a new patient & she was exceedingly thorough & did not in any way rush my visit. It was a great experience overall. It was so easy to talk to her in a relaxed setting about any medical issues that have arisen. I am so very grateful to be her patient & I could not ask for more

   — Jack G Marchetti


everything was great no problems at all

   — Kevin Gorry

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